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Wellness Matters 14.05.2021

Updated: May 22, 2021

Choosing the Right Path

Many years ago, my dear friend GH introduced me to a pragmatic approach when preparing to focus on a new agenda or task and that is to throw everything up in the air and see what lands. A bit like Pick up Sticks: carefully choosing what to focus on so that time isn’t wasted on fruitless pursuits. Can you remember playing Pick Up Sticks?

I have been throwing a lot up into the air since October to see what lands and what I want to pick up. I have been clearing, decluttering, learning, reading, talking, planning and as the months trickle by I am settling in to what gives me joy, motivation and comfort.

Things I like doing for work: coaching, writing, learning, reading.

Where I like being: home, garden, local community, surrounding environment.

Who I like being with: family, friends, my dog, my clients.

Naturally there have been times when I have struggled to pick the best stick or follow the right path, but I have to remind myself that building a business takes time, dedication, perseverance and consistency.

My client list is slowly growing and I genuinely get so much joy during a coaching conversation, especially when I get to witness that (catching) lightbulb moment.

I was recently thanked by a client for suggesting they make a plan for an upcoming issue - I hadn’t - but as we neared the end of our session, and during an appropriate pause, I gently asked why they thought I had given advice.

Client: You told me to make a plan.

Me: I asked you the question: ‘What more can you do’ and you responded, ‘I can make a plan’.

We both smiled in acknowledgement and recognised how the power of coaching can let the light in.

Life can throw unexpected pressures at us, from many sources, which can cause uncertainty and overwhelm. I find that by taking a step back, maybe going for a walk, having a brief conversation with a trusted other, making time to ‘chill and still’ I can re-focus on the problem in hand and get myself back on the right path.

It can be challenging to strike out alone, make useful and meaningful connections, and to know who to collaborate with, so I was chuffed to bits to be asked to deliver a session to WomenEd Scotland on 5th June on the subject of wellbeing and I am enjoying planning my short presentation.

At a Ted Talk Circle webinar last Tuesday a diverse group of participants from around the world watched Tim Ferris’ Ted Talk after which we were asked to describe a fear that is real to us and what inaction is occurring as a result.

I immediately penned: writing a book. Since winning a poetry prize when I was 11 years old I have wanted to be a (published) writer, and yet, just when I get into a rhythm and routine, I stop. My fear is the exposure and possible ridicule if I write that book. However, sharing my story with others and hearing the same fear reverberated across the globe, I have now scheduled time with myself this Sunday to create my ‘Fear List’ and get myself started.

I do, however, get a thrill every week when this blog post is ‘Published’ and I write in my journal every day, as advised by Kirsty Wark when I met her at Fringe by The Sea in 2019. Now that I am in a routine I will devote at least one day a week to personal writing. I will switch off all distractions and Just Do It (thank you Nike)!

What new habit will you create to enhance your lifestyle, improve health and wellbeing and achieve the success you deserve?

Let me know by getting in touch so that we can all grow together.

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