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Wellness Matters 29.01.2021

Catching Light Wellness began as a photographic blog on Instagram and when posting my content I would often talk about taking small steps to success and I remain committed to this approach.

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Action for Happiness in which Shamash Alidina reinforced the concept that consciously taking small steps can lead to greater and more sustainable successes which become habit. He gave an example of how he had fallen out of the habit of prolonged morning meditation and so decided that in order to kickstart this habit he would take one deep breath a day. If that deep breath led to more deep breaths then that was a success but if there were days when this did not happen he acknowledged that even one deep breath had a positive impact and quickly became a habit.

I am a firm believer that you must do what is right for you, not because it's a trend or because there is peer pressure to participate, but because the steps you take have to be on the path that is right for you. In this way good habits are formed and wellness and wellbeing begin to permeate through your life. As you start to celebrate small successes you naturally lean in to good practice.

Creating habits with intention can seem like a daunting task but if you allow yourself one small moment of success then motivation comes by building on that. That small feeling was recently recognised as an emotion called Shine by BJ Fogg who created the Tiny Habits approach which is eloquently explained here.

There will be days which are more of a struggle than others, particularly under the current climate of pandemic lockdown. You can be subjected to daily challenges which could not have been predicted and this can lead to feeling overwhelmed. You are not alone and it is better to acknowledge your vulnerability by reaching out to someone who will listen. Most of the time a good listening ear is all that is needed. However if you have been provoked into a moment of sadness, let the tears flow, you have nothing to be ashamed of by expressing your emotions.

As a nation we are often too buttoned up and find ourselves apologising if we are not on par. Instead we adopt a stiff upper lip or pour a stiff drink, neither of which serves any real purpose and often suppresses what needs to come out.

It is perfectly acceptable to say: Today I don't care and can’t be bothered. (A caveat to this: if those feelings persist beyond 48 hours please seek support and advice). If you struggle wholeheartedly to express yourself, find a quiet space and practise letting the thoughts rise to the surface and then invite them to disperse. Watch a film or sing an evocative song and let the tears flow. There is no shame when expressing vulnerability.

I encourage you to take walks outside, to take small steps to success and to find a practice that suits you which allows your mind to be still. This week I had the good fortune to connect with a determined and resilient woman who motivated me to get up at 0700 and walk with her. I consciously agreed to this time because I was aware that my morning schedule was slipping. I am in tune with my Circadian and Seasonal rhythms and know that I need 7.5hrs sleep therefore rising later meant I was staying up later and struggling to rise refreshed. Ironically much as the thought of early dark mornings had been a trigger for change, I now crave the quiet a dark morning brings, preparing myself for the day ahead, knowing that the sun is not far from the horizon.

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Be safe and well


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