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Wellness Matters 23.10.2021

Redefining Space

It’s been half term this week, last week for some and next week for others. Although I’m not on half term I decided to allow myself some downtime this week, to reflect and allow the summer months activities to settle.

Since May I have been running 2 businesses: a holiday let and coaching services.

I am delighted to report that both have been successful, which in my first year as an entrepreneur is hugely rewarding. I have worked hard following up leads, and interacting with guests and clients alike.

So much of my time is invested in marketing, and while it might feel as if there is no direct feedback from that, I now know that those potential clients who have enquired and then signed up to sessions, have completed their own research into my social media posts. Having dedicated time and energy to ensure my profile represents who I am, which, in itself, is exhausting: constantly checking, editing, planning, creating and posting, the results and business growth are rewarding.

I have closed holiday lets for the winter and moved back into that part of my home with a fresh and eager approach: rather like when I first moved here.

In May when I was preparing Fulmar for holiday rentals I cleared a huge amount of clothing, bric-a-brac, obsolete paperwork and books, and I do not want that amount of stuff back in my home.

So I have rearranged rooms to feel different and I am resisting all urges to splurge on new soft furnishings. So far I am succeeding.

I believe that this is the only way for me to continue to have a clear head which will create the climate for future opportunities for growth and development. On Tuesday morning I awoke to an image of my father locked away in the dining room in our home in Garelochhead, almost hidden behind mounds of paperwork and clouds of pipe smoke as he poured over receipts and invoices.

I am no stranger to self- assessment but this year I have engaged the services of the highly organised and efficient Luke and Jess Middleton of Middleton PA Services, and once we have caught up with the past few months, and established good working practice all the reports and information I need will be at my fingertips. They have become a financial life saver.

It's important to get support from trustworthy sources or recommendations, we don’t have to struggle alone.

Remember you still have time to take advantage of **OCTOBER’s SPECIAL OFFER** 3 sessions for the price of 2.

Contact me before 8pm on 31st October and commit to all sessions being completed by 31st January.

Have a great week.

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