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Wellness Matters 21.05.2021

Last Saturday I spent quality time with four amazing women. We all graduated from Jordanhill College of Further Education/Glasgow University in June 1988, and in spite of several relocations in the UK - mostly by me - we maintained contact. Since I moved to North Berwick in 2005 we have managed to meet regularly at least 3 times a year until 18 months ago when the pandemic scuppered our plans. It was such a treat to all be together, outside, because the weather was clement, delighting in each others’ company without the inevitable Zoom barriers.

I was on a wee high all evening when I got home and this was further enhanced by an invitation to an early morning walk with a close friend, A, so the promise of good company and a brisk walk was just what was needed to keep my motivation levels up.

I told A that I had been involved in a Ted Talks circle and explained the task I had set myself later that day which was to start writing. She asked if I had heard of the 15 minute timer strategy and upon explaining it I had a small eureka moment. Mum had given me an egg timer for Easter and this meant I could use this and not have the distraction of my phone.

A texted to see if I had completed the task, I hadn’t, and so I forced myself to set a time to do this.

I decided on 1.30pm and duly sat down in the sunshine with my laptop and egg timer. I managed 35 minutes before I was interrupted and although my concentration was broken I had achieved over twice the amount of my intended goal. Such a simple process and one I'll be using again.

We just never know what nuggets of advice or suggestions we will be given unless we invest in active listening.

I have been watching a recording of an EMCC seminar which I had missed and which focuses on USP. A little over 6 months ago I didn’t know what a USP (unique selling point) was, or a ROI (return on investment) and just quite how much joy I would get WFH (working from home) but now I do. I have come a long way in my business and personal life.

When I reflected later I was reminded of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle and soon realised I have been trusting my instincts since October, leaning into my values and as such I understand what my niche is, why I have made the choices I have, how I deliver my sessions and why that would set me apart from other coaches. I offer confidentiality, a safe environment, time, empathy and experience. I offer myself, and that is my USP. I am presenting my authentic self.

I read, I talk, I listen, I learn, I plan, I reflect and I know that my USP will bend and sway and mould to fit the person and coach I aspire to be. I have set my goals and with the help of my supervisor, expanding coaching network, clients, family and friends, I will continue to discuss, improve and develop my coaching practice.

I am tired, I am jubilant, I am looking forward to the next 6 months of my career and life but before that begins I am taking a 2 week break from building my business and will return on the 5th June when I am hosting a Being Well session for WomenEd Scotland

I invite you to contact me for a chemistry conversation after that date and I promise you that your voice will be the dominant one and I will be listening.

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