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Wellness Matters 17.12.2021

Looking for Inspiration

I’m so grateful that Christmas falls on a Saturday this year: I like the balance of not having to straddle a weekend when it falls on a Monday or Tuesday. But as always, it is hurtling towards us.

Not everyone enjoys Christmas and there are enough years when I haven’t, so this blog is not about all things festive or frivolous. In fact that’s about as much as I intend to say just now, I can probably squeeze another blog on 24th for all that!

Reflecting back on the year will inhibit my Auld Year’s Day blog, which leaves me, for once, rummaging around for a topic. And yet even as I write thoughts, ideas and revelations spring to mind.

I connected with some truly awesome people this week: Ashley Griffiths, Wendy Forrester and Caroline McKenna have definitely been highlights, as was welcoming Michelle Brand back from her well deserved holiday.

Welcoming new clients this week was unexpected but very appreciated and coaching continues next week, finishing on Thursday 23rd December. I already owe myself holiday time so intend to officially return on 10th January, during which my intention is to take a complete break from social media for business, and indulge in my private platforms.

What’s your favourite Christmas song…?

Mine is Greg Lake I Believe in Father Christmas because when I was 12 we sang it in the school choir, and having attended a Catholic school I was so excited that the following lyric appeared 'Hallelujah Noel be it Heaven or Hell the Christmas we get we deserve’. At 12 ½ years I was becoming aware of the fakery and performance associated with no longer believing in Santa but also becoming curious about ‘God’ and all things religion.

It didn’t take long and as soon as I could I left the Catholic Church and don’t now subscribe to any formal religion.

Not everyone who gets a rubbish Christmas deserves it; it was the lyric about Hell which made me excitable, and to me, Christmas is about family time and switching off from the daily busy-ness life throws up, so I will be indulging in long walks, chatting aimlessly and allowing nice things to happen.

I hope your preparations are peaceful and manageable but if you are struggling in any way please contact Samaritans.

Take care.

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