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Wellness Matters 17.07.2021

A Big Kick Up the Bahookie

On Monday Morning I happened to glance at LinkedIn. To be honest it hadn’t been my preferred platform, because I didn’t really understand how it worked. But having participated in 2 LinkedIn Workshops led by Mark White and Jian Goh, hosted by EMCC, the evidence was there: this was where my clients hang out. This is where sustainable business happens.

So, when I noticed the #5day content challenge, led by Helen Pritchard and associates: Michelle Brand, Hannah Gibson and Laura Taylor I reckoned it was time to get myself into gear because there's a business to build and fannying around on Instagram wasn't cutting the mustard in terms of client engagement.

Since Monday I have been posting like a whirling dervish: videos, stories, calls to action and social proof that I am a coach, a business owner and I am bloody good at what I do.

Every morning we were given our tasks and then there was a live Q+A session in the afternoon. Friday was the grande finale and I happened to notice that there was a prize for a participant who shared in a post what the week's challenge had meant to them. In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought so this is what I wrote:

I have stopped pretending to work and have accomplished more in a week than I have in a month. Finally I have my 'how to' and I am loving the feedback from my posts, the engagement and interaction. I have stopped spreading myself thin across other social media sites that were NEVER going to bring in my clients. I am focused on my 4 pillars; my content is flowing like there's no tomorrow and I can't wait to keep writing. I am unblocked. I am energised, I am motivated I have stopped consuming before I create and I am using my creativity in its most powerful and authentic way. Thank you #5daycontentchal #day5 Helen Pritchard and Associates

The responses are still coming in and I am still writing.

Michelle Brand replied:

We are honestly as excited about this Charli as you are. You have been amazing over this week and we are delighted with the breakthroughs and action you've taken.”

Me: Michelle Brand that means so much because I was following you as you prepared to leave your job to set up your business and thinking to myself, ‘oh, if only…’

Just goes to show what can be achieved 😊

Along the way I connected with the hugely inspiring and supportive Kerstin Greunling and we chatted for over 3 hours and probably could have carried on. She gave me some sound advice, the biggest being that I genuinely had start believing in my worth as a coach. Kerstin has been the rudder I needed and I foresee not only a professional working relationship but a friendship too:

“🌟 So blessed to meet Charli Prime who is interested in a Brand Shoot! We are getting on so well and I am so glad that I could help her a bit in her journey starting up with LinkedIn and putting herself out there to be seen and heard!!

Please connect with this amazing lady NOW - see what she does and cheer her on!

Charli is awesome, buzzing and full of passion for her young coaching business! I love it!! 😍

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to see what coaching can do for you.”

So what are you waiting for? If I can do it, anyone can ... especially with me as your coach!

Have a brilliant weekend, because I will.


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