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Wellness Matters 15.10.2021


It’s been a curious and enlightening week. On Monday I had a session of Psych-K with itsallabouthealth Rachael Wall. I had prepared well for this, I knew what my focus was to be and met Rachael with an open mind and open heart. Over the years I have had some excellent therapists to help combat depression, I have read numerous self-help books, and engaged in podcasts, reading and learning. Psychology has always fascinated me and having spent 20 years supporting young people in school with numerous neurological conditions, I have a decent amount of knowledge and understanding.

I am also intuitive. I get it.

During my Pych-K session, I cried, laughed, had shooting sensations down my arms, flopped forward and at one point had a sense of weightlessness. I was joining the left and right hemispheres of my brain together, letting go of some painful truths, self-limiting beliefs and childhood traumas.

I wasn’t surprised that these are the phrases which related to my search for messages:

  • I anticipate unusual and extraordinary events as part of my life

  • I am accountable for the actions and decisions I make

  • I speak my personal truth with love, passion and commitment.

  • I can feel the sunshine even through the clouds

I also told Rachael that I firmly believe that when someone we love dies because their body can no longer hold them up, there is an energy which we can carry with us. Reading Ben Okri’s The Famished Road first brought this concept to my attention, and so strongly did it resonate I no longer shirk from discussing it. I was delighted, therefore, to hear Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie chatting to Lauren Lauverne this week. He described how he held the love of two close friends and collaborators close in his heart because he believes that their energy is still very much alive.

Buoyed up to further tune into my gut, I looked forward to having a coffee with my friend Liz, who also happens to be a shrewd business woman. I had blocked the time in my diary as work related, because although she is a very good friend of many years’ standing, she is also an excellent sounding board for all things entrepreneurship, and business. Check out Four Seasons Campers for an Autumn special and get 20% off.

I was not disappointed. Liz gave me so many helpful suggestions and contacts to follow up.

Listen to your gut and trust your intuition:

  • if it’s a day for switching off all devices, snuggling in and barely stepping outside, go for it (so long as it doesn’t become a habit, we all need movement and connection with others);

  • if the deal you’re about to strike fills you with dread and leaves more questions than answers, sleep on it, listen to your gut and take counsel from others;

  • when you know you could follow up on a lead - go for it and be authentic in your enquiry.

Oh and a small note of caution (to myself): I was given a sample of night cream to try and my gut told me to do a patch test, but I threw caution to the wind, slathered it on my face on Sunday night, and am only now recovering from a nasty and painful reaction to the ingredients.

Hello Intuition, be my guiding catching light.

Have an amazing week, and to all you tenacious and talented teachers, lovely learning assistants/support staff, and stunning senior leaders: enjoy your half term holiday.

Keep believing you are worthy of all that you desire: change will come as a result of that.

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