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Wellness Matters 14.01.2022

Nurturing Growth

This week has flown by, with new routines, fresh ideas, and bundles of energy, hope and optimism.

Last week I was genuinely beginning to worry that I could enjoy a 9 hour sleep, and still have a desire to snooze, read, move slowly, and not Blog! The first one I’ve missed in months!!

Being an introvert, of course, I know that having had a busy Christmas, followed by an awesome trip to London, there was a limit to how much energy I had. So I just let Nature take its course: rested, ate well, walked and pottered.

Re-energised this week, I have taken joy from reconnecting with clients, friends, networking chums and making a commitment to 2 Pilates classes a week. The novelty of 'I can stop when I like' or 'see friends when I want,' because I'm working from home, has worn off. I was finding it increasingly difficult to return to work after welcome distractions and so plan to finish earlier on Fridays, making space for socialising.

I am also thoroughly enjoying my freshly painted loft. My lovely partner, Steven, offered to revive my living/working pace, and, not usually known for using bold colours, surprised me when he suggested I choose a dark orange. I absentmindedly Googled ‘orange paint’ and the first one to appear was a Farrow and Ball called Charlotte's Locks. Steven doesn’t like to use Farrrow and Ball paint so I ordered the colour from his preferred trade shop, and just love the impact it has made: framing my favourite pictures and furniture in a fun and vibrant way.

My clients have commented on how fabulous it is, as you can see from the picture, although I will be mindful not to wear orange again… I nearly lost myself!

During the painting process, much of the furniture had to be moved and the desk was pulled away from the wall. Upon seeing this, I immediately realised that the solution to camouflaging my personal living space was to face into the room with the beautiful orange wall behind me.

The fabulous screen which was behind me, now faces onto my living area, so I get to enjoy it all the time. An array of house plants in front of me is more soothing on the eye than a wall cluttered with post-it notes, scruffy Blu-tacked soaked A4 papers littered with phrases, sayings and reminders fluttering over scruffy bits n bobs littering every spare inch of my desk. Because the wall was acting like a safeguard, I am now forced to remove these items promoting my desire to be clutter free.

My daughters and son-in-law seem to achieve a neat work space so easily, and when we were all together after Christmas, I enquired where all their files were. They revealed that everything is online. Perhaps it's an age thing that there was an automatic desire to print everything off, but I am learning to be more selective about not wasting paper and so try to scan, download, and, more importantly, throw things away.

I am very excited for 2022, and on Saturday 15th January celebrate a full 12months of launching Catching Light Wellness.

If you are one of the many readers who have told me they enjoy reading this blog please sign up to Catching Light Wellness and receive 2 newsletters a month with top tips, ideas for generating and maintaining wellness in your lives, and exclusive subscriber offers.

It’s great to be back at work and thank you for being on this journey with me.

Have a safe and fulfilling week.


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