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Wellness Matters 12.06.2021

Refreshed and Recuperated

I arrived home mid afternoon on 4th June after a long drive from Northamptonshire where I stayed to reconnect with my dear High School chum, JP. We hadn't seen each other for over 10 years and our reunion was emotional but completely natural. We have weathered many storms together, but the comfort of holding each other in a warm embrace and picking up from where we left off was all the reassurance that was needed to further cement our friendship. We will certainly not leave it another 10 years before we meet again.

I had a wonderful time with my amazing daughters and son-in-law in London, doing as Londoners do: Prosecco in Covent Garden, dinner in Soho, lunch on the South Bank, a visit to the Tate Modern, visiting Forest for Change exhibition at Somerset House, riding a ‘Boris Bike’, swimming in Tooting Bec open air Lido and falling asleep to the gentle rumble of trains and distant sirens all of which provides this Londoner with a certain kind of comfort. English born maybe, but I remain proudly Scottish bred.

I had posted on Instagram that I was enjoying a slower pace of life in London to which several friends commented ‘Slower??? London???” well yes because the build up to my holiday had been anything but slow. I had a couple of deadlines to meet professionally as well as preparing the bulk of my flat for holiday rental. I am lucky that there is a natural division on the first landing of my flat and a left turn provides 2 double bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. I have a separate bedroom, and converted loft which doubles as my work space and living room. I am open for summer months only therefore salads are the order of the day and learning to live in a small space will stand me in good stead for those longed for campervan holidays.

Reconnecting with another extremely close friend in the New Forest provided a different perspective. JM showered us with generosity and hospitality during our twice postponed celebration of LN’s birthday. In many ways I am glad of the delay because the weather was incredible and afforded us endless opportunities to be out

side, walking, talking, a wee sea swim in the Solent and just being comfortable together.

On Saturday June 5th I delivered a Being Well session to @WomenEd with a focus on positivity. As facilitator and presenter I was humbled that the participants were prepared to give up an hour of their free time, but the rewards were far more reaching as the Twitter chain of #catchinglight moments resonated all weekend suggesting that my input was needed at a crucial time in the school year.

“Such a brilliant, inspiring and uplifting session with @CharliPrime”

“Let @CharliPrime work her magic on you and help you take an hour for you and your wellbeing.”

I must remember those words for myself as I recognise that to ‘fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run’ includes mindfulness, reading, rest and recuperation.

I am feeling well rested, enjoying having doors and windows open and hearing the jolly chitter chatter of visitors and locals walking past, chomping on fish and chips and slurping ice-cream.

I am looking forward to this summer much more than many for a long time, knowing that I can continue to work on my personal growth, writing and coaching clients without being on a countdown to August and return to school.

Who knows what I will get up to?

Be well be safe.

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