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Habits are funny things aren’t they? When I started out as an entrepreneur in November 2020, I would enter ‘events’ in my diary like:

Walk Jilly.

Take a break.

Have lunch.

Answer emails.

Post content.

That ritual has set me in good stead. I rise every weekday at 06:15 to prepare my breakfast and feed Jilly. Writing my daily gratitude journal has become my ‘must to’ and other than a brief alliterative WhatsApp message to a best friend, Jo, and a Good Morning message to my partner, I do not consume social media or the news until my journal is complete.

After a shower, Jilly and I walk for up to an hour and upon returning I will have breakfast and get ready for the day.

Being at my desk at 08:30 is the right time for me because my creative juices definitely flow better at the start of the day.

During the past few months I considered whether to join in with different coaching programmes to become one of their coaches, but other than Know You More who collaborate with Education Scotland to provide coaching for teachers, I realised that nothing truly sat with my purpose. My values, maybe but not my purpose.

Interestingly this allowed my creativity to take an unexpected turn and I have been developing a resource called Being Well which I will use as a platform for training, either as a stand alone or as means to deliver team coaching. I am excited because this process has been led by my clients, but will benefit so many others.

There is already interest from one organisation and I’m confident more will follow.

The premise is that we all have a side that rarely sees the light of day other than for social media images: showing up as our best selves. By learning to harness that and establish a self-belief system, acknowledging that having purpose and achievement in life is possible for everyone, then self esteem and confidence can be elevated.

Read the feedback and realise that it's not just about 'what' I deliver, but 'How' I deliver it!

Feedback from a recent session with young people aged 13 - 16 yrs was as follows:

‘Helpful’, G.

‘Interesting’ C.

‘A new approach to focusing on our mental health’ A

‘Nothing intrinsically ‘new’, which is a good thing, and reaffirms what we already know, but brought out a deeper understanding’ B, Youth Worker

During these times of stress and confusion with the pandemic continuing to rage around us, try to show up as your best self, believing that you are worthy of all the good things life has to offer.

Reflect, revisit, reconsider, and be prepared to accept that change is inevitable if you want to move forward.

The photo this week is the 'Hello Goodbye' Stone in North Berwick. I like to think of this as as a metaphor for accepting what has passed and welcoming what is to come.

Have a great week. Stay safe.

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