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Wellness Matters 09.04.2022

Taking a Break

During the unexpected and most welcoming early Summer we had a few weeks ago, I treated my garden to some beautiful anemones, primula, tulips and lilies. In previous years I would have potted everything and then left them to cope with sun, wind, rain or hail hoping that some might survive. However, this year, being acutely aware of rising costs, I made the conscious decision not to be so foolhardy, and instead am looking after my precious potted plants.

I made time to clear out the summerhouse which provides a safe haven for the delicate flowerheads. Most evenings since Summer flounced off and left shivery Spring behind, I carry the laden pots with their fabulous flowering offerings from the garden into the relative warmth, and certain safety from wind and hail, of the summerhouse. So far I am being rewarded with lasting blooms, visits from the bee population, and a personal sense of gratitude that exerting effort can reap rewards.

This puts me in mind of some of my younger clients, who adopted affirmations and gratitudes as part of their daily practice after completing Being Well with Catching Light Wellness. Increased confidence and resilience is worth the effort. During a recent check in, however, it was clear that one client was struggling after a few challenging incidents. We chatted amiably and after listening intently I asked, ‘what can you do to reassure yourself that this issue isn’t yours?’

They had a proactive and sustainable set of actions: to retreat to the library at lunchtimes if social busyness at school was overwhelming; to repeat their affirmations, which serve to put them in the driving seat, and let go of others’ toxicity. I was delighted that our intense sessions before Christmas are continuing to resonate, and while there is still a need for support and check ins, the gaps between these sessions are widening as my client’s resilience grows.

Hopefully the weather will improve and I can apply this same principle to my plants! I know, I know: “ ne’er cast a cloot til May be oot”.

Timelines and deadlines can be a supportive and definitive approach to achieving positive outcomes. I was watching Gardener’s World last night, noticing that my garden and I are falling into a natural and mutually beneficial rhythm. Once planning and preparation is concluded, there really is no excuse not to just complete necessary tasks: pruning, mulching and repotting.

More recently, the urge to prioritise my own creativity has become too big for any further procrastination.

Although it is difficult to ignore certain distractions: getting my holiday let ready; looking after plants, wee dug and family, from Thursday 14th April I am taking a break from my social media accounts. There might be the odd Tweet or Instagram post, but Linkedin and weekly blogs will be on a 2 month hiatus.

There is a story that is itching to be developed and having set a self imposed deadline of 7th June 2022 for completion, I am determined to give this a really decent chance of success.

Business is settled with freelance work and a steady trickle of clients, NBCCC has fallen into its own rhythm and keeps me busy on Mondays and Tuesdays, so the time is right to devote as much time to my story as I do to that of my clients’.

I will share my endeavours later in the year, and whether it is published or not remains to be seen: the important thing just now is to approach my writing task as I do most other areas of my life: with thought, dedication, perseverance and hope.

Have a safe, fun and enjoyable Easter - see you in the Summer.

Anemones from Smeaton

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