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Wellness Matters 08.10.2021

Self Belief

If you follow me on Linkedin and Twitter you’ll know that I have spoken about some of the amazing connections I have made online over the past few months; the incredible #edutwitter community, and the wider coaching and VA (Virtual assistant) community on Linkedin.

There are numerous free events on these platforms as well as EMCC, which, for me, as sole trader, allow me to have conversations, generate possible leads and not feel isolated.

Ironically, I feel less isolated working from home alone than I did in my last workplace.

I am doing a 5 Day EIA Accreditation with EMCC next week and am so excited to know that I will achieve the accreditation I know I deserve.

If you think that sounds like an unsubstantiated boast read on:

Who else will celebrate your achievements if you don't believe it yourself!!

Who else will know your achievements if you keep quiet about them?

Who else will believe your credibility if you don't believe in yourself?

This post of mine received 536 views on Linkedin because it resonated.

My confidence in my own ability is backed up by testimonials from my clients:

I felt calmer and more confident in myself after speaking to Charli and I would thoroughly recommend engaging with her. LF

Charli is an inspirational coach. She listened to me and that helped me think (sometimes babble) my way through things. She encouraged me to consider my options for each issue LM

Charli is an excellent coach, she has a lovely manner and really helps put you at ease. I hate talking about myself and I was surprised at how much I was able to do during the sessions and this is due to the sense of safety & trust that Charli created. EM

Why am I telling you this?

Because if you don’t start to believe in what you CAN DO, you will be stuck trying to please others. This, in turn, can lead to negativity, where you might find yourself apportioning blame, or being quick to shame others. I encourage you to stop and flip it: look for the positives, consider letting go of judgement bias, accept that we are all fallible, and aim to find joy in your life as it is here and now.

NB: if you are in a dark place, I urge you to seek help from your GP, Samaritans, a family member or friend. You are not alone. Please don’t be alone. Help is available.

Geese take turns to lead, supporting each other, creating a safe space to move forwards.

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