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Wellness Matters 07.05.2021

Updated: May 8, 2021

Decluttering with #moonshotoomph

I was feeling hemmed into my office space which was constricting my flow of ideas and inspiration, so last Friday I set about decluttering the surrounding area. My office is situated in a corner of my loft conversion and I am eternally grateful to a very generous friend who gave me a beautiful Mulberry screen so that, come the evenings, I can ‘close’ up my office. Even with this stunning addition the space was lacking ergonomics.

By simply moving a bookcase the end result is not only pleasing to the eye but accessible and easier to keep tidy.

Enjoying a positive vibe from a clear desk, and subsequently clearer mind, my motivation for decluttering was high, and so my attention turned to the excessive clothes collection that was crying out for an overhaul. I made a start before my youngest daughter arrived, had a rationale for wanting to keep some things, but together we were ruthless, and by the end of 2 days I had filled 7 large bags, all of which have gone to charity.

There is no stopping me now, another bag has since been filled with shoes and boots, and next step is some of the linen I collected when I had an Airbnb flat in Edinburgh. Furthermore I have sewn up a tear in a favourite blouse, repaired the lining on a jacket, which will never be thrown away and replaced missing buttons onto a jumper and a dress.

I confess, however, that I did have to keep my head held high and eyes averted so as not to re-stock when I took my bags into British Heart Foundation on Thursday. Remaining items will be handed in to Cancer Research on Monday.

There has been a sizeable shift in my spending habits with regards to clothes shopping, since permanently working from home, and much of what I bought previously was because I could afford to, not because I needed it.

I re - watched Lynn Wilson’s Tedx Talks on Circular Economy in Fashions and I recommend you do the same. It is 11 minutes of high quality information you will not regret and which, I hope will inspire you to think carefully before you plan your next shopping spree.

Is the desire to have multiple outfits a by-product of social media: not wanting to be seen in the same outfit twice, or the globalisation of manufactured goods? Or both? My intention is to endeavour to wear what I have, not what I think I should have or what I covet.

Lynn refers to ‘ taking a moonshot’ as being ‘an ambitious long term project’. This same sentiment was, quite coincidentally, used in Changing Conversations live podcast with Michael Fullan describing the desired changes educators what to see in approaches to teaching and learning. By the end of the live session #moonshotoomph became a metaphor to get things moving.

If we all apply some #moonshotoomph into our daily lives, one small step at a time, who knows what we can achieve?

Be well. Stay safe.

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