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Wellness Matters 05.11.2021

Being Well. Being Busy

It was an absolute delight to meet the team from Summerside Kindergarten on Tuesday evening. I congratulated them on their positivity, energy, preparation and participation for our Being Well session. I ask participants to focus only on their positive traits, as if they were introducing their Being Well Avatar for the first time. It’s not as easy as it sounds, because, rarely, if ever, do we celebrate our own achievements, without providing some kind of excuse. However, during Being Well sessions, the focus is 100% on positivity, listening and smiling.

I used Being Well in a different context on Thursday morning with a client who has neurological conditions - ADD and Autism. By breaking down each section of the presentation we really dug into how my client can achieve their goals. They know a lot of what they want to know, and what others want them to know, and now we can work on how they get there. It’s really all about empowerment: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially when managing and influencing one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

On Thursday afternoon I had a scheduled session with Michelle, someone who caught my attention, nearly 18 months ago when I was trying to figure out LinkedIn, and wondering where my own career path was destined to go. On the face of it, we had nothing in common, but her regular posting and positive disposition was an inspiration even then, and when we had the opportunity to meet in August, the rest as they say is history. Michelle and I have become trusted friends and mentors to each other. Our relationship is symbiotic and I often joke that we must have been separated at birth. Suffice to say we didn’t even begin to address what the scheduled call was about, we were too busy catching up.

There is a saying about how to use Linkedin to grow a client base: it's not who you know it's who know you, and this can only be true by regularly posting and showing up as our authentic selves.

Two weeks ago I hit my mojo good and proper. Perhaps I needed to experience failure with the double booking, because I am certainly more adept and mindful of setting achievable goals. I work diligently through the day and aim to complete my tasks no later than 17:30. Completing the week efficiently and satisfactorily is important today, especially after losing valuable time with a puncture repair yesterday.

I had an opportunity to pop into Meadowpark where I was depute head teacher just over a year ago. It was joyful to see the new depute, Steve, at ‘my desk’ (haha), and witness first hand how calm and happy the young people continue to be, after so much enforced pandemic change, and under his steady leadership.

I am extremely comfortable with my new business set up. I become more empowered with each new client and contact I make and this generates fresh learning for me. Life is good, life is busy. I am present in the life I have chosen, as my very best Wellbeing Avatar.

Good Luck to Scotland this Sunday vs Australia. We had such a great time at Murrayfield last Saturday when they played against Tonga and won 60 -14.

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