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Wellness Matters 04.06.2022


At the time of writing and a week ago, I was in Liverpool, dreamily floating along after a luxurious relaxing massage at The Titanic Hotel, where my daughter and I were staying.

We had arrived within minutes of each other on Thursday midday, me having driven from Scotland, Tillie having taken the train from London. The trip was a belated birthday treat for me and Liverpool was chosen as a destination which neither of us had visited, and it didn’t disappoint. We walked for miles, had a few drinks, good food and plenty to catch up with. Everything flowed, including my car journey, places we visited, our accommodation, spa treatments and the city itself.

On Saturday we drive 2hours to have lunch with my eldest daughter Lucy in York, who is super organised and had secured us a table in Bill’s where I finally got to cheer up my gut with a ‘Hippy Salad’ after a few carb heavy days.

The chat was great and I never take it for granted that I am grateful to have an easy relationship with both my daughters, and although parting was such sweet sorrow, I was looking forward to the final leg of my journey to Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay. The guest house was well positioned near West Cliff and, although not as boutique as The Titanic, was clean and comfortable for one night.

Lucy had advised that I took the scenic route across the Yorkshire moors and I’m so glad to have seen Castle Howard where I stopped at their garden centre for more garden delights: Heuchera Black Pearl, and a pretty bamboo named Nandina Twilight. A small pot of pink and white Dianthus caught my attention and was the perfect thank you to my friend and neighbour, who was looking after my tender seedlings. I left the expanse of the immaculately attended Castle Howard estate, before descending down a very steep hill towards the coast.

It’s been a while since I travelled toute seule and I enjoyed navigating routes, listening to the radio or playlists, and having the freedom to explore where I wanted, stop where I chose and eat what I fancied.

Fish and chips in Whitby ✅

Walk on Robin Hood’s Bay ✅

Arriving home was, of course, wonderful. Catching up with my partner, stepson and of course, my wee dug. It’s so good to have a break, but I do like coming home.

During a team coaching supervision session on Monday, during which one of the participants told us about his imminent move to a recently purchased houseboat, we were asked who might like to live on a boat. This opened up discussion about what type of boat it might be as one of the group has sailed the Atlantic. This question prompted an unexpected insight into how we all view the world so differently, even if we have similar interests.

And while I would be happy to holiday on a boat, I do prefer my ‘home comforts’.

This week has flown by, I’ve been productive and achieved most of my intentions. Perhaps the highlights were getting back into mentoring and coaching, and although this can be a quiet time of year, as schools prepare to exit for the summer, there are enough opportunities presenting themselves, for which I am grateful and excited.

The 'passion project' ‘ Feast and Famine’ has taken a bit of a back seat, but the creative juices are flowing and my intention is to share the small volume with immediate family on 7th June, 25 years since Dad died. I think he would be proud of how his wee family are continuing to learn, explore, create and develop.

Have an inspiring week as you seek out new opportunities to learn, listen and reflect.

Robin Hood's Bay

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