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Wellness Matters 03.12.2021

Invisible Bungee Cord Holding You Back?

Like many of us during lockdown 2020 I undertook to keep myself physically fit in order not only to prevent gaining weight but, more importantly, for my mental health.

Unfortunately unsupervised online exercise can have its downside: I ended up with a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder, and torn cartilage in my left knee.

I've also had a stiff neck for years - osteoarthritis is the medical term, stress and trauma is the holistic definition I am affording it - which causes all sorts of other physical problems.

I am acutely aware of holistic health and know that the body responds to poor diet, lack of exercise but also trauma. I know I carry stress in my shoulders, as many of us do, and over time the knots have become tighter and tighter.

What would be the long term benefit of addressing my traumatic mental health episodes if I didn’t also tackle the physical pain?

So I went to see a physiotherapist last week and wasn’t surprised to learn that my neck was a series of solid, painful lumps which have been tugging and pulling at muscle groups, and affecting fascia. My neck was manipulated and massaged, and I have exercises to continue to build on what was started. It is now up to me to ensure that I follow up with the exercise, and keep working away at the small knots to allow an easier blood supply into fascia. If I don’t, the knots will become tight once more and I will be back to square one, like the metaphorical bungee cord pulling me back.

Bungee cords have a variety of uses: camping, cycling, securing luggage on roof racks, in the garden and of course, the ultimate ‘thrill’ of bungee jumping (nope, never have and never will!)

The smaller bungee cords are designed to avoid having to use knots and can be quickly released. The larger bungee cord for jumping is designed to bring the participant back to the starting point. It is this type of bungee cord which can be likened to those elements in life that keep pulling you back to a point you don’t necessarily want to be in.

Letting go is hard. Making change is harder. So try to separate your issues into smaller, more manageable areas and, like the smaller, bungee cord, once you are secure in moving forward, it is time to let go. Keeping hold of underlying issues or concerns generates a bigger bungee cord, and without making steps towards properly moving on, the bungee cord that inextricably ties you to the past will continue to pull you back.

Unless you properly evaluate why you keep repeating the same patterns, experiencing poor mental health, anxiety, migraines, back ache and exhaustion, the invisible bungee cord will prevent you from moving on.

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I have recently benefitted from 2 Psych-K sessions with Rachael Wall, and have 9 statements which I use as daily affirmations. Here are my top 3:

  • I speak my personal truth with love, passion and commitment.

  • I am accountable for the actions and decisions I make.

  • I learn from my fears as they take me to wisdom and power

These 3 affirmations resonate as much as my eureka moment, driving to Skye in 2019, and hearing Brené Brown’s definition of Integrity:

Choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy; choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”

Finding supportive networks whether online or in the flesh can be a huge source of comfort, reassuring you that you really are not alone. Connecting with like-minded people is a positive approach to life and shouldn’t be underestimated: whether you are caring for a loved one, looking for the next love of your life, crawling to the Christmas holidays or thinking of striding out as an entrepreneur, there are incredible support networks available who will guide, cajole, inspire and motivate you to show up as your best self.

The highlights from my week came in the form of connection, during sessions with neuro-diverse young people. One, whom I have known for a number of years, helped me redefine my definition of empowerment:

The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in managing one’s life, claiming one's rights and influencing events to achieve a positive outcome.

The other group, also young people, impressed and amazed me with their insight into understanding strategies to support mental health and to believe in themselves. We used my Being Well Resource, and I am so excited to be meeting with them again next week, to build on their affirmations.

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Fill in the form on my website and we can connect online, maybe in person, and work through your issues.

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Have a safe, warm week.

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