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Wellness Matters 03.09.2021


Definition: A feeling of friendliness towards people that you work or share an experience with. Origin: 1590s, "one who shares the same room," hence "a close companion," from French camarade (16c.), from Spanish camarada "chamber mate," or Italian camerata "a partner," from Latin camera "vaulted room, chamber". In Spanish, a collective noun referring to one's company.

Last weekend 10 adults, 6 children and a small dog with a big personality and name to match, Otto van Bagel, arrived at the Red Squirrel Campsite in Glencoe. I didn’t know everyone there, and group events are not normally ‘my thing’ but with the promise of warm sunshine, walking, swimming, eating and drinking I adopted an open heart and an open mind and trusted the process. I was not disappointed. Not everything went according to plan, but that didn’t matter because everyone pitched in, looked out for each other, including children and small dog, as we cooked together, swam together, walked, talked, laughed and danced around the fire.

In spite of being bitten by the scourge of the Highlands- the midge, I loved every minute of it. I have enjoyed sleeping under canvas twice this year, both very different experiences, but both equally memorable and enjoyable, leaving me wanting more adventures.

Sitting round the campfire in Glencoe reminded me of the concluding evening of Columba 1400 after we followed the most magically lit maze with words forever emblazoned on my heart: Strong. Believe. Trust. Love. Focus. Energy. These words, and others, were carved on stone, on wooden pillars, across walkways and over a bridge: ‘Step away from your life see the bigger picture. Be aware. Don’t give up, remain strong’.

I remember feeling slightly overwhelmed that this magical maze had been carefully and lovingly created exclusively for Columba 1400 participants, and as we sat in the darkness, watching flames leaping and arcing over blackening wood, our minds and hearts were focused on contemplation, connection and authenticity.

I had a supervision session this week with Carolan Davidge as part of EMCC accreditation requirement, and when Carolan reflected and summarised, she envisaged my life journey as a roundabout from where many paths lead. Of course, there have been plenty of wrong turns and dead ends, but also routes which have revealed just how capable I am of moving forward. I am excited that there are many paths still to explore as I continue to consider options to promote wellness and wellbeing, knowing I can come back to any well worn comfortable path when I want, take a new direction or leap and hop down an exciting, neon-flashing route should I choose.

Last weekend was a neon flashing route, and I joined in with aplomb, energy, trust and joy. I feel uplifted, joyful, connected and grateful that of all the paths I have tested, turned my back on, weeped over, skipped, crawled and marched along, I have chosen the path I'm currently on. The camaraderie from connecting with like minded individuals in life and online is in itself a cause for celebration.

I’m still learning, still showing up as my authentic self and so proud that as business increases, my clients are experiencing that #catchinglight moment.

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