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Wellness Matters 02.07.2021

Summertime (and the Living is Easy)

We were blessed with some amazing sunsets at the start of the week which motivated me to head to the beach at 10pm to capture the incredible colours, patterns and reflections as the sun disappeared from sight. On Sunday I went with a friend and it was magical: I felt like a child on holiday being able to stay up late as a special treat, experiencing a world that exists beyond the night time curtains. Locals and visitors flocked to the harbour and old pier, in awe at the burning sky, and doubtless sharing their photos on social media as, of course, I did.

However, the daytime weather has been changeable with a haar hugging the coastline for several early mornings, chilled misty wisps stubbornly refusing to relinquish a hold, until the sun rose through the day, heating sea, ground and air.

North Berwick is awash with visitors as it should be: not only was it voted one of the best places in Scotland to live but it is and always has been a seaside town, which has an enchantment of its own.

We all benefit from visitors one way or another and the quality of shopping has significantly improved since 2005 when I moved here, although I would prefer we had escaped the typical High Street style chain shops which tend to dominate Scotland’s towns and cities. The good news is there is a plethora of independent shops offering a varied and eclectic shopping experience.

This year, I’ve sub-divided my flat to maximise on staycation holidays and am bizarrely enjoying living in a restricted environment. It has been a useful lesson in decluttering and downsizing and I’m curious how I will feel when I close for the summer. Will I want to spread myself out again or will I decide to continue to live modestly, which is my intention. I’ll let you know.

Any income generated will go straight back into home improvements - my boiler is very old and needs upgrading, and as I continue to work from home, a reduction in heating bills next Winter will be welcomed.

On Thursday I was interviewed by Lena Carter for Teacher Hug Radio for her show: The I Factor in Your Wellbeing.

I was asked to consider the following questions:

  1. Please give a brief resumé of who you are.

  2. Can you start by telling us the 3 most important factors in ensuring you stay well?

  3. Have you ever done something that you thought was going to be really positive for your wellbeing that actually turned out to be a disaster?

  4. Do you have a go-to song or tune that helps you feel good?

  5. Do you have a motto/affirmation or quote that you find inspiring in relation to your wellbeing or self-care?

I had planned my responses carefully, throwing all my thoughts onto the paper and then editing several times, which I described, last week, as my preferred process. I read my script out loud, modifying, adding and taking away in order to achieve a natural flow.

I'm grateful to Mum for years of voice coach training and advice on how to present a positive front which motivated me to rehearse aloud so that my responses came across as authentic. I hope when I hear it back at the end of July I have made a good representation of myself, and that my passion for coaching is apparent.

I will put the link on here when it is released. Until then, feel free to ask yourself those same questions and I’d be curious to hear what you think my responses were!

As I often do, I went for a walk at lunchtime today to allow my thoughts and ideas to settle and bumped into a parent of a former pupil. I was delighted to hear that her son has gone on to achieve Highers and is part way through an HND, in spite of challenges from the coronavirus pandemic, autism and ADHD. She added ‘He still struggles to talk about school’. I replied, “I know what he means’ as we silently acknowledged how difficult his time at school had been, in spite of all our endeavours. As I walked away I reflected that maybe the reason I related to most of my pupils with neuro-diverse conditions was that I also struggle(d) to comply with the norm, but as I get older I really don’t give a damn what others think. I am enough.

I’m excited for the future, I love what I do, and I am enjoying this phase of my life: I don’t feel pressured into doing anything I don’t want to. I’m enjoying a natural rhythm to my days and I’m thankful for the choices I have made - creating a business which allows my clients to benefit from finding their inner wellness through coaching sessions with me. Furthermore after 30 years as a teacher I relish the opportunity to feel free to work through what would have been summer holidays - my creativity is alive.

Coaching sessions with me are not expensive - cheaper than a night out in Edinburgh - and I’m very good at what I do. Read the testimonies on my website and give it a try. Who knows what will be unlocked for you?

Until next week be safe and stay well.

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