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Welcoming (Welcome In)

Hi! Welcome! So good to see you! Come in, please! Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Bienvenido(a)! Benvenuto (a)! G’Day Mate! Hi!

It was once said (by me) that I love to be spontaneous, so long as I am organised. In many ways this is an Oxymoron – but can I say, so true.

For example, I love entertaining in the way that I love my home to be the focus of a good time (I love being entertained too), but happily welcomed the family this evening as an alternative to eating out: sometimes it’s the personal touch that means so much.

So – the family are up (North of the Watford Gap), and as usual we wait while they re-connect and re-define boundaries with each other, are able to slip into holiday mode before agreeing on possible plans for connection over the next few days.

All the good tables in the nicest restaurants are booked this  evening, my sis-in-law wailed. Not a problem I replied, dinner chez nous. In many ways so much more relaxing: the girls can play with Jack, walk him and keep themselves entertained with UNO until the BBQ is ready.

Everybody contributed by providing salad, cheese, wine, beer, love and laughter. The youngest members (13 and 11) sat by the fire, playing UNO, while the adults talked politics, referendums, Europe, Immigration and voting. Is it just me or an age thing where the topic of conversation swiftly moves from belly button intensity to whole world discussion.

We have welcomed Spring and barbecued for this evening’s gathering- albeit dodging raindrops. I love the sound and aroma of outdoor cooking and the joy it brings not only to the consumer but the provider. We have welcomed the (slightly) warmer days and indulged in meaningful, and at times, nonsensical chat.

To think that there are families and loved ones thousands of miles away who sleep now but who have had their fill of sunshine days, BBQ, love and laughter.

How extraordinary that maybe one day lifestyles will catch up and with climate change we can all belong to the changing seasons. Welcome change as it happens.

Welcoming (Welcome in)

I hear you, I see you, yet

I fear your intention.

Do you know me, will you abuse me

or put yourself first?

Is this love or lust

do I come first or last.

Are you true or seeking

something I can never provide?

Is it me or a distraction that you crave.

Ask, talk and unconditional love

means I no longer need to crave.

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