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Venice with Him

Happy Birthday to Him. Last year we were in Tenerife – in a stunning 5* hotel in Costa Adeje. Hotel Vinnci Plantacion del Sur in Costa Adeje to be precise. We received a bottle of Cava gratias and the chambermaids managed to create first a tortoise and then a dog out of towels – sort of fluffy origami.

2 years ago we were in London for His 50th. We had an apartment in Kensington and walked for miles winding up in Southwark with His brother at Gordon Ramsay’s East Street Cafe.

The weather was fantastic – cold but bright and sunny – and as we approached Buckingham Palace from Hyde Park I could hear the changing of the guards beginning. I told Him that I had arranged for this to happen just as we were passing. So this year Venice and through the eyes of incredibly generous and informed hosts. B showed us places and Secrets of Venice that we would never have uncovered: ornate external staircases, one spiral, one with ascending arches. Strange faces and masks set into the exterior of walls – one commemorating a chaste woman, who committed suicide after being raped by her husband’s friend.

Another of an unsuspecting heroin who foiled an attempt by insurgents who intended to overthrow the Doge. She knocked a heavy pot off her windowsill which inadvertently killed one of the perpetrators as they were fleeing the Doge’s guards. She and her family was given an apartment free of rent and for at least three more generations.

We were introduced to wonderful bars and restaurants and had fabulous wines and chicetti.

For lunch today I had black squid ink pasta with cuttlefish ragu. Utterly delicious.

We have walked for miles and I am tired but very content.

An early start tomorrow so we are staying in a Marriott by the airport. It’s fine and I’m looking forward to being home.

There are still things I want to see in Venice and will return.

Venice with Him – a poem

Alleyways and hidden delights –

the touristic drag and secret sights.

Birthday wishes tinged with loss

Hotel wine – a ridiculous cost.

Venice has been wet and cold –

we’ve hardly noticed, been too enthralled.

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