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For my 21st birthday I was given some money to go Inter-Railing.

The journey began in London, dancing at an outrageously loud and proud nightclub Heaven Under the Arches.

I had packed far too many clothes and had to leave half my rucksack with my friend in Camden. I don’t think I ever returned to claim them.

Staying with Dutch friends in Nijmegen was the perfect start before travelling through France from Paris to Avignon, a stay in Switzerland, Austria and then Italy.

There were three places that particularly captured my imagination, not including Paris which will always hold my heart.

Vienna, Venice and Rome. I made a vow to myself that I would return to these fabulous cities when I could afford to do it in style.

I have had a 5* experience in Rome.  In my previous life I was very lucky to join K at a prestigious event organised by the company he was working for.

We were taken everywhere in Mercedes cars, taken to a concert where Alicia Keyes was singing and attended a cocktail party hosted by Naomi Campbell. She is truly beautiful. I introduced myself to Quincy Jones – utterly awe struck as I was. So yes – an incredible way to fulfil a dream.

Now Venice. He and I are going to be staying with friends who have lived there since October. I am very excited – their company alone is 5* entertainment.

30 years ago I joined forces with a Canadian girl called Jenny who had split up from her companions to pursue her desire to visit Venice. We met some Mexicans on the train who took us out to dinner.

I am so looking forward to seeing Venice through the eyes of our friends and will blog when I can depending on Wifi and Internet connection

Venice – a poem.

Romantic  canals

winding streets

history and magnificence.

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