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Valentine schmalentine! We don’t ‘do’ Valentines in any big commercial way. Waste of money. We swap cards and maybe a small gift. He bought a small decorative pot of grape hyacinths for me. That meant so much more than getting something extravagant just because someone somewhere decreed that on Valentine’s Day we are all supposed to spend ludicrous amounts of money on the one we love. I gave Him homemade chocolate fudge – I didn’t make it! I don’t like fudge so He knows that there was no hidden agenda to my gift.

I have thoroughly enjoyed walking around Venice today. My last visit 30years ago was fleeting – I think I stayed only 2 nights and one day so not a lot of exploring was achieved.

We had supper in a local restaurant last night, a wander round local streets and then some good chat before bed about midnight.

Our hosts have made the brave decision to live out here for 6 months and take themselves out daily to discover the sights and sounds of Venice  and explore the hidden friezes, passageways, piazzas and bars and restaurants.

We have walked miles today and seen a side to Venice that we would never have participated in had we not been with B+A.  Lunch was drinks and cichetti and panini in a wine shop/come restaurant.

We have marvelled at incredible fears of architecture that our hosts had planned for us to see, climbed countless steps over bridges and taken twists and turns along canals and walkways.

We have indulged in wonderful wines and local produce.

The best thing – another evening and day still to go.

Travel blog / Venice – a poem

Campaniles, mosaics, churches and piazza,

tourist vistas, selfie sticks, busy streets and pizza.

Walking and talking – good company with friends

take a left or right – whichever which way – magic never ends.

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