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Time Flies

Well it has been the best part of 3 weeks since I last wrote. I have enjoyed the break and being able to remind myself that I cold write rather than should write.

Many things have popped in and out of my head as moments of inspiration but they never quite formulated into a fully fledged opportunity to blog about.

However this morning, as I was exiting the toilets at Kings X station before my 1200 train to Edinburgh I noticed a large queue forming to enter these toilets. This shouldn’t really be an unusual occurrence other than the fact that those forming the queue were desperately trying to find the right coinage with which to enter and provide 30p for a pee. However, the coin change machines were out of order and so the barrier was open, but no-one would make the first move. I chuckled slightly smugly as I pointed this out to one person and stood back and watched as they all flooded in.

I have travelled extensively over Europe in trains and many times in Britain and yet I still get twitchy before a journey. I awoke at 0500 this morning, texted L who was off to Germany for business and considered getting up. I didn’t want to wake J however, and LH was getting over jet lag so didn’t think it fair to disturb her either. Having tossed and turned for 25minutes I must have fallen asleep as I then awoke at 0635 and began catching up with the world through news apps and Facebook. I have been immersed in holidaying for the best part of 4weeks and it feels good. What have I achieved? Not all that I set out to do, that’s for sure such as paperwork, more paperwork, deep de-clutter and more paperwork. But many other things have given me satisfaction – being with my wonderful daughters, finishing season 6 of The Good Wife, spa treatments, amazing times with friends and family, road trip, a reasonable amount of exercise and far too much wine. The amazing weather has helped of course.

I have been able to find a pathway through some problems that were in danger of having a negative impact on my mental health and I am comfortable on this particular journey for now. There is a plan afoot and I am using effective coping strategies to stay on track, stepping away from becoming over-whelmed and learning to trust myself a little more each day.

What has assisted me in this process is hearing the passion I express for what I do and believe in reflected through the voice of a friend when she explains to others what it is that I do. Thank you again, J for keeping me grounded.

Today one of  my favourite former pupils achieved two National 5 qualifications – A for Drama and a C for Design and Manufacture. This from a young man who embodies perseverance, determination and graciousness despite having Semantic Pragmatic Disorder. I am SO proud!

Time Flies – a poem

Time to fly and fleeting time

with laughter chit chat and too much wine.

The thirty minute daily walk,

alone, with music or time to talk.

No dog to walk – I miss him though –

other paths allow thoughts to flow.

The train is hurtling up the track

Passed County Durham  – a full week back

we had our treatments, slept and swam

trying so hard to feel quite glam,

when covered in mud from head to toe

we laughed aloud as cold water flowed.

The polite young man sitting opposite me

has eaten two lunches, had cakes and tea.

I’m looking forward to being home

He’s working late, so a night alone,

to plan, reflect and take it in –

what a damn fine holiday this has been.

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