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Thoughtful Gestures

A few of you know life isn’t the rosiest for me at the moment. The house sale fell through, which means back to square 1 and probably going to lose house on which I had offer accepted.

Bah – I hate the Scottish system of buying and selling property. The estate agents and solicitors make it so difficult to enter into direct negotiation with potential buyers.

I really wanted to do things differently but have been sucked up into the system and feel completely impotent.

There are other life events that are depleting my energy and creative surges at the moment but I prefer not to dwell on those in this forum.

However because I have retreated into my shell a little, and built up my wall to be Comfortably Numb, I haven’t been tweeting facebooking or blogging as regularly as before.

What has cheered me no end are the messages of support I’ve had from those who weren’t aware of my circumstances – just because they have missed my chit chat, observations and social media presence.

This evening I am meeting one of my best friends for a drink and then going to another dear friend for supper. G texted yesterday to invite me to a charity fashion show – she just got the tickets knowing it was right up my street.

J keeps in regular touch and is so excited that I am joining her and the McV clan for Christmas in Hampshire.

T came over at the weekend because I was feeling a bit glum and she cheered me up no end and regularly texts and sends new music my way. L also calls and texts to check that I’m ok as do Mum and M.

This morning one of my colleagues gave me a small bunch of pretty pink and purple flowers from her garden to let me know she is thinking of me as I navigate the house sale maelstrom.

So thank you to my wonderful family and friends for just being there at a time you didn’t know how much I needed you.

Thoughtful Gestures – a poem

Just when the days seemed to loom long

Just as the cold virus took its hold

Just as the house sale all went wrong

Your love and thoughts have eased my load.

Just when I started to build my wall

Just as the nights began to draw in

Your smiles and support caused the bricks fall

Thank you all for being a friend.

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