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There’s Always the Sun

There’s always the sun, The Stranglers.

This was the song that greeted me yesterday and in spite of a cloudy, ineffectual sort of a weather yesterday, today was outstanding. I watched the sun rise through North Berwick’s haar, sending whips of pink blue and yellow scudding across the horizon as I walked Jack across the golf course.

This was not a day I wanted to spend in school, but needs must so I began my usual routine with Jack and even managed a wee jog/walk (jalk) with my new black and green Mizunos. I felt quite invigorated by the time I arrived at my desk, had the usual coffee and muesli for breakfast, planned the day and prepared to greet pupils and staff alike.

At lunchtime the boys and I were able to sit outside in the courtyard and played Uno. If you don’t have it  get it – it really is for all ages and stages. I have as much fun with the young people with additional support needs as I do with my colleagues, S4 volunteers and even at home with my daughters. It is a game that transcends all abilities because it is possible to play as a pair and so plan an attack together, sharing laughter and frustration in equal measure.

While I was supporting a maths class after lunch I watched hoards of what looked to be S2 pupils spilling out onto the playing fields enjoying that weightless feeling of being unencumbered with jackets and gloves, revelling in the warmth of the sun. And for a short period today the sun was warm. And for a short period today, negative emotions were stilled, smiles widened, hope became the mantra of the day.

I could hardly wait to get home myself but stopped off to get petrol on the way home, taking the quiet country roads in order to absorb the energy that is preparing to burst up through the soil any day now.

I couldn’t resist the urge to be outside again, so I hastily changed, pulled on my trainers, gathered my iPod, and bounced out into the evening landscape. I ran towards the setting sun and though I was tempted to stop and take photos I decided just to keep running and capture the pinks, yellows, blues and lilac in my imagination. By the time I was heading home the sun had slipped away beyond the horizon, wending its way to herald the dawn in a far off country.

There’s always the sun – a poem

One day, I promise,

one day the sun will come back.

Be patient little one be still and calm.

We will sing sun songs and laugh,

and count the rain drops and splash in puddles.

We will fill our home with good smells

and even better things to eat.

We will sleep to the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof.

We will wake as the sun stretches through our slumber,

slowly enticing each eyelid to open and tapping our conscious.

There’s always the sun little one.

Sun and rain and rainbows too.


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