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Take time to make time

It’s been a really busy week and I’m not sure if I’ve really caught up with myself.

There’s a lovely phrase – ‘she’ll meet herself coming backwards’ and that’s exactly how it has been.

Although the temperature has dropped there is still warmth in the sun and a good drying breeze to accompany it, so having woken early, I had 2 loads on the line before leaving for MRT this morning.  Half way there I realised I’d forgotten to put my hearing aid in and so double backed to get it. Of course this meant I was late to arrive for this morning’s session. I was cross with myself because I had fully intended on being early.

By the time I arrived 2 of the ponies had misbehaved and kicked each other so badly that it looked as if one might be lame. Riders had to be swapped onto different ponies which caused additional stress and to top it all a fledgling thrush was trapped in the arena and making  a lot of noise about it.

However once we got going everything settled and it was great to see some familiar faces as well as welcoming new riders. The pony who was kicked suffered nothing more than bruising.

I got home hung another load of washing and not being content with that decided to hoover. Of course that then meant I was rushing for the train and only just made it.

I have just realised that the tidy pile of goods that I sorted earlier in the week to be returned or replaced are still sitting on my chest of drawers as I sit on the train to Edinburgh.

I have relished the amazing sunrises and sunsets this week and even tweeted a photo of an empty white bench looking out over the Forth with the following advice: make time to see this glorious day before time seizes you.

Time I listened to myself I think and put good intentions into practice.

However I will soon be with my darling girls L+T for a long leisurely lunch. And I intend to make that last as long as possible.

Take time to make time – a poem

Why are you late?

I slept in.

Why am I late?

I pack too much in.

Don’t be late

don’t make me wait,

it’s time to go –

come on.

Stop. Look.  Listen to me.

Take time to make time

let it go and just be.

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