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In order for good things to happen, sometimes you have to plan for it. Sometimes they just happen and you can welcome the consequences such as today which centred around meeting very good friends, H, J, and F for lunch. We decided upon Osteria in North Berwick. The set lunch menu is worth every penny: Angelo’s welcome and attention to detail, his incredibly professional supporting team and the impeccable cleanliness of the restaurant far exceeds many so called ‘high end’ restaurants in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

Suffice to say the food was awesome – I had a delicious seafood salad followed by spring vegetable risotto, accompanied by a sublime Montepulciano d”Abruzzo.

The chat ranged from family, clothes, daily life and strife to immigration, staying in/leaving Europe, family again, and pudding.

T had announced on Sunday that she had a need to come home and could she please bring a friend. Not a problem at all – I love it when my girls come home and just as much when they bring friends home. It always takes me back to hours spent at J’s house, Brentwood, in Garelochhead with her sister, L, and brothers N+J.

Arriving home to welcome K and see T again, I loved that they were both so at ease with each other and at home.

Synchronicity. Synchronicity, The Police.

T was chuffed that I had been going through old photos yesterday and was keen to see revisit happy time sent with family and friends. During the rummage we came across a pile of slides and the Slide Viewer. Unfortunately the batteries had leaked and so I volunteered to take Jack out, drop off birthday cards for C+I and purchase new batteries from Co-Op.

Had I not done this I would not have see the amazing rainbow straddling North Berwick. I would not have bumped into C+I, after putting their cards into their letter box, and spent a few very happy moments catching up. Finally, I would not have bumped into a former colleague and friend, Ronnie, on my way home past the station.

I could have lingered with my friends, happily, it has to be said, but would have missed all these opportunities. There are times in life when, without thinking, the best things happen.

Today has been one of those moments and of that I am truly thankful.

Synchronicity – a pome

Not a typo – Emz said pome.

it was private joke between us.

Emz also said Nuff as in Fairy Nuff

(as in fair enough).

She laughed – oh how she laughed.

She loved – oh how she loved.

We love our shared memories,

we love the synchronistic connections,

resurrections of photos,

a snapshot of quality time spent.

Lost in flesh but shared in memories forever

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