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Symbiotic meaning: A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence.

Never has this become more apparent than in the relationships I have formed with colleagues past and present. I have learned over the years, and maybe because I have moved around, to look for opportunities for collegiality and collaboration. Self survival is obviously a contributory factor to this need and very much revolves around what I can do to support or develop a situation.

I don’t always get it right, though,  either because my approach has been too ambitious or I haven’t taken time to gather sufficient evidence. It helps if I ascertain whether I have the particular skills for a task and whether those skills are required or desired at that time.

I contacted a colleague way back in October offering myself as a coach in the authority. She replied that she was in the process of developing a training course to update coaching skills for those who had been previously trained.

Time has elapsed and we met yesterday. During the course of our conversation I realised that, although I am actively involved in coaching, I have allowed some of my training to slip.

In light of yesterday’s conversation I looked through my coaching folder this morning and was immediately transported back to training days and fervent ‘dos and don’ts ‘ of coaching. I realised that I had been rushing through the sessions, essentially because my coachee and I were getting caught up in other commitments.

I prepared accordingly for today’s session and suggested that while we only had 15 minutes today, we would block a period on Tuesday. My mind was filled with GROW (Goal Reality Options When). I immediately felt empowered and could see that my coachee was hugely relieved at my new professional approach.

Symbiosis, play it forward, be open to change and progress.

Symbiosis – a poem

You came into my life just when

I had had enough of lousy men

with false hopes and dreams and lies.

But the way you looked into my eyes

left me shaking – quite a surprise.

Your warm embrace and tender kiss

became the very thing to miss  –

when like the others you flew the nest

nothing else to  do, no one can take your place

you were the best

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