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Stopped by the Police

Friday night brings a sense of relief and a feeling that a celebratory drink is deserving of having got through another week. Wishing our lives away or just joining in with a worldwide tradition? I prefer to think the latter.

Its a funny old business, this work thing isn’t it? If we all just stopped we’d all just stop. Perhaps that wouldn’t be so awful. We could all just do the things that we need to do and help each other with that. Ah, Utopia, I must have been dreaming in the sunshine.

I love that the weather changes so much about how we approach our lives. The last few days have seen extra wide smiles on faces, a busy-ness and a desire to be outside absorbing as much Vitamin D as we can.

Since taking photos of the sunrise over the last few months I have become aware that the sun is ever so slightly sleepier at the moment and I can catch it peeping up over the horizon a little later every day.


I don’t find the onset of Autumn and then Winter depressing, in fact I relish it, as I see it as a challenge packed with opportunities: moving house, fund-raising for Meadowpark, keeping Fit after 50, supporting T through her final year at University and being an ear for L on whatever career path beckons for her.

On Friday He and I were walking back from The Herringbone having spent a couple of very pleasant hours with a fellow keep-fit fanatic from Tuesday Callanetics class. We haven’t met socially before and her husband and mine got on very well, as did we. I had had 2 NB Vodkas with low sugar/low cal Fever Tree tonic and a glass of their very fine Bean Pinotage. He had snuck in an extra pint, but I would say that we were the right side of tiddly and certainly not drunk.

We ambled back along Dirleton Avenue at about 2030 and the sun was heading for an early night. Cars driving towards us had their lights on and so when a car appeared without lights I immediately gestured to the driver that they had no lights on. Oops – it was actually a  Police car. We chuckled but thought no more of it, until barely less that 30 seconds later they pulled up behind us, asked what the problem was and why had we gestured at their car? He explained that it had been a natural reaction from both of us to indicate that they didn’t have lights on. The police officer was a little short with us and made some comment about dusk/lighting up time and then drove off up Ware Rd. We watched to see if they put their lights on but they had disappeared over the bridge. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that as soon as we were out of view that is exactly what they did.

I’ve had a few chats about this blog and the pleasure it brings, for me to write it and for you to read it. I’m still trying to get to grips with the whole website thing but please feel free to share. I guess my MO is to raise awareness of supporting those who are living with disability, mental health challenges, being fit and healthy throughout life, not just after 50 and writing about my observations of life, love and laughter.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.

Stopped by the Police – a poem

Stop! Don’t move.

Lights flash, hands grab, voices shout

surprise then fear and confusion

shock and anger take over

rationality disappears

blood pulses in veins

heart beats

too fast.


questions accusations and demands

breathing more easily now

thinking and realising

looking for support


a kind word

your smile


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