Spring Activity

I have just returned from a walk along the West Links golf course, via a friend whose husband’s birthday is today. I had a card for him and sort of assumed they would be out for dinner, and so hadn’t planned to stop. As it happens he was at a work ‘do’ and she was packing for a trip to Venice, to stay with the wonderful B+A who gave us such wonderful hospitality in February. I was easily persuaded to stop for a small glass of red wine before continuing on my way.

Ironically, although I assumed they would be out celebrating his birthday, such are the assumptions I’ve had today from friends and colleagues: ‘Did He spoil you/take you out for dinner? Did you have glass or 2 or 3?”

Um, no actually, I went to Callanetics, because I wanted to and then went for an evening walk, toute seule because, let’s face it, when the weather is like this, who wouldn’t want tot be outside? He wanted to watch the football, and having forgone my early morning walk in order to open cards and presents I was in need of 30-40minutes in the fresh air. The sunset was stunning: deep reds, blues, orange and purple, dancing in the rock pools, scudding over the waves.

This evening the golf course had a number of golfers on their way back at 20.00, the beaches were dotted with groups, families, couples and dogs, and the kiddie’s course had pot smoking teenagers mixing with young families.

Out on the water, I spied a skiff, two paddle boarders and a kayaker. Such busy-ness and bustle in the evening – more than is sometimes seen on a Sunday afternoon – a small reminder of why I love living here.

I did have a lovely birthday and was tickled pink at all the lovely messages I received on Facebook, by cards, texts, emails and phone calls. I’m not one to be quiet about my birthday: I bought cupcakes for the management team and office, and happily joined in my birthday celebrations from our very special pupils. Even when I had to deal with a major fracas between 2 pupils in S3, I told them that it was my birthday. It raised a smile and calmed an otherwise volatile situation.

My best present was the news that on Saturday I will be having lunch with L+T. L is coming up from London and T is taking time out of her exam preparation so that we can be Us 3. I’m really looking forward to our time together – an activity ideally suited to this Spring Fever that has us in its grasp.

Rest in Peace, Victoria Wood.

Spring Activity – a poem

Bulbs reawaken sending shoots reaching high,

birds flock and flit and chase across the sky.

Teenagers flirt and study, cry and brawl,

not prepared to back down from a Facebook trawl.

Cameras are clicking, each photo soon to be

posted on a  media site for all the world to see-

a sunset, a sunrise as dawn heralds a new day –

how sweet life could be if it always was this way.

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