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Some Enchanted Evening

I awoke at stupid o’clock yesterday at 0500. I know this is a normal time for many people but I prefer at least 45minutes after this. I was wide awake and in need of fresh air so Jack and I headed down to the beach. As I arrived at the kiddies course I suddenly realised that I was about to witness the sun rise. Not the sunrise, but the actual sun actually rise! It was extraordinary to hear the birds chatter through the stillness, and the short video I took has had a quite an incredible response. ( I will attempt to share it on Charlip FB page).

I had been due to join G and others to see Alan Cumming last night but when I found out that the show didn’t start till 2230 and finished after midnight there was no way I could cope with a second late night in a week, especially first week back to school.

G and I had shared a very happy 2hours on Sunday night dancing along to and in front of Will Young. What a lovely man he is – so positive, so full of energy and a great performer. He might not have the strongest voice with an extensive range but he has a bundle load of joy to share and some damn fine tunes. I heard him in interview a few months ago and he has been teaching abroad and doing other worthwhile thimgs. He is super excited about appearing on Strictly and I may just have to watch his progress.

It is wonderful to have Meadowpark properly inhabited with children. Already I can see friendships developing and small steps to positivity and possibility presenting themselves. I am slightly overwhelmed and chuffed to bits that Knox Academy staff and pupils have been beating a path to our door to visit, join in and offer support.

Yesterday evening was just so beautiful I had to be a part of it and so after supper I walked – alone, no Jack, to Yellowcraigs beach. How uplifting to see children still running around in swimsuits, dogs, walkers, runners, families and couples eking every last minute of the warm August sun as I was.

Suffice to say I was fast asleep by 2300 just as Alan Cumming was warning up, and much as I know I would have enjoyed his banter, and singing and general bonhomie, I was to be sober, on a table set apart from my friends and knowing I had to get up at 0600 today. All things considered the enchanted evening I had was to my liking.

Some Enchanted Evening – a poem

we connect easily with style and pride

a seamless flow of energy

captures the moment to last a lifetime

we move sway and share a rhythm

that takes in other dimensions

a way of being alone and together

a beat a heartbeat of shared joy

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