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So You Think You Know

I posted a sound video recently on North Berwick News and Views which highlighted the noise being made by groups in the Lodge Grounds. Of course the responses began to turn into something unpleasant and confrontational so I removed the post. Since then I have been made aware that there seems to be a national problem: illegal raves, going for ‘helium highs’ and heavy drinking. I am also acutely aware that much of this is not new but what seems to be missing by those determined to gather in large crowds is that we are living in uncertain times with a virus waiting in the wings to infect hundreds, thousands more. Rather than let my frustration fester I have written a poem.

So You Think You Know?

I mentioned on Facebook I was tired of the noise,

The litter, the screaming from drunk girls and boys.

The respondents assume I’m old and aloof

I’m telling you mate, it’s far from the truth.

How do you know I’ve not smoked a joint?

But I realise now I was missing the point…

You say that you’ve been there, you get what it means

Hanging out, playing music, getting drunk in your teens.

What’s the big deal, you question en masse

We’ve all been there, done that and it’s really not crass

To exert teenage rampage on beaches, in parks

It’s harmless, just good fun, high jinks, having larks. 

Of course I partied and drank in my teens,

On wasteland, in wild land and all in between.

We played loud music, got warned by police

The neighbours complained – such a disgrace. 

I guess what I’m saying is yes I do get it

Except when I was a teen there was no pandemic. 

You’ll do what you want- it’s a rite of passage 

But I’d like to share just one little message.

Please take good care, you’re not invincible

Slow down, stay safe and try to be sensible

For once think of others – your family and friends 

And keep a good distance till the pandemic ends.

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