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Slow Eating

I have a tendency to wolf my food down. This analogy is entirely correct if you watch a Black Labrador eat. Jack is inclined to literally sook up his food such that he occasionally gets food stuck at the back of his throat and he has to cough it up, making a dreadful snorting sound as he tries to draw breath through his nose while the item of food is lodged in his throat.

Although I am not quite that greedy I have had to check myself on numerous occasions, especially in company when I find that I have less than a mouthful left to my companion’s half plate.

I know all about the benefits of slow eating, which allows the brain to recognise that the stomach is full. We should chew slowly, take a break between mouthfuls, and savour the flavour of the food we actually eat.

There are a few tricks I have developed to help me in my endeavour to slow down. Planning my mealtimes is imperative so that I don’t allow myself to get too hungry and therefore inclined to opt my food.

I have also stopped putting the food on the table to dish up, preferring to serve food from the cooker. This supports my philosophy of out of sight out of mind – much like my filing- and can help to prevent the rush to have seconds. He and I will often make too much and then put it in pots to have for lunch the next day. When you are working to a tight budget this can be a real money saver – and so much nicer than plastic sandwiches.

So – one week in, no alcohol, no dairy, no biscuits, cakes, crisps. A return to smaller portions and slow eating is having a positive effect on my digestive system and energy levels.

So why did I shovel the delicious salmon and stir fry He made last night? I was hungry and tired, looking forward to a cosy evening by the fire, and just could’t wait. Of course I subsequently suffered due to an inhalation of air as I was eating so fast. Air has to go in one way and out the other! Nuff said.

Slow Eating – a poem

Bursting with colour,

tantalising ginger, garlic and spices,

yellow and red and green.

Fish and vegetables, fruit, rice and grain,

fresh, slow cooked, share my plate.

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