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Silent Owl

I’ve been waking early – sometimes ridiculously so. On Tuesday morning I had completed clearing my work email inbox by 0600 having started at 0430. Wide awake I was. Which is fine but what is beginning to annoy me is being wide awake at 0200 and unable to go to sleep again.

To be fair to myself there is a lot going on just now in my life. A decent offer was made and accepted for 51a. Next challenge is to find a place to buy. An interim rental property has been agreed with good friends so homelessness doesn’t beckon. Of course I have my eye on a property but the Scottish system being what it is there is very little opportunity for direct negotiations with the vendors. Will get my solicitor to do some snooping before putting an offer in.

On one of my early morning walks with Jack – about 0550 I was aware of a movement to my left but no sound reached my ears. I stopped walking and looked over the short wall to see a tawny owl swooping low over the rough on the golf course. It was a magnificent sight and I remained rooted to the spot watching as he continued his way seeking prey towards the trees by the green keepers huts.

I was also greeted by an incredible dawn – ahead of the sun rise now as the days get shorter.

Our pupils are exploring their space at Meadowpark, forging friendships and establishing routines, challenging boundaries and recognising the need for calm moments without sensory stimulation.

Perhaps that is what I should be looking for in my busy head. I’m hoping that my massage later and my intention not to have a glass of wine tonight will bring about a decent spell of snoozling.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride a couple of the MRT ponies on our training day and I am really looking forward to taking our pupils there on Tuesday. Next Saturday will herald the new riding term and I can hardly believe that I have been there for 2years.

A lovely day beckons and I’m off to hang curtains in LGR for Dutch guests. The flat is pretty much booked till the New Year which is great but sort of puts the kibosh on my intention to refurnished it before Christmas. I’ll just have to hope that my interior design juices can be satisfied in a new home.

Send love and light!!

Silent Owl – a poem

Silence nothing not a murmer

The wind beneath your wings breathes

A soft gentle sigh as you glide by.

Searching for prey you swoop close to the ground

But nothing not a sound.

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