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Rose Sunday

Rose Sunday, Refreshment Sunday, Laetare or Mothering Sunday is mid-way through Lent. Regardless of their faith or belief, many people I know undertake to give up something for Lent – usually unhealthy foods: sweets, treats, alcohol or dairy. Others undertake to take up a healthier lifestyle by walking, running, cycling or swimming. I’m doing both.

Traditionally Rose Sunday was the day when apprentices or those in service were allowed to leave their employment for the day and go home to visit their mothers, Hence Mothering Sunday.

Mother’s Day has become somewhat over-commercialised, in my opinion, and the sudden rise in the cost of flowers and lunches out is absurd. Again there is too much pressure to spend spend spend instead of opting for something more simple like planning a home-cooked meal with family or a walk in the sunshine. Don’t get me wrong, it is lovely to be appreciated. I was chuffed to get a card from L+T that said – ‘Oan yersel Hen’ with a wee poem inside encouraging me to ‘take a glass’. But more than that, chatting to the girls was my treat. Hearing their stories and achievements is all the reassurance I need to know that they are well and happy.

However, I am acutely aware that there are many mothers who have lost a child and many children who have lost a mother and yesterday must have been particularly difficult for them, and they will be glad that today is just another day.

And apparently today is a great day to see Aurora Borealis so I’ll be heading out with my camera shortly to see if I can get a flavour of the magic of the night sky.

Rose Sunday – a poem (courtesy of T)

Oan yersel for being the best

A legend,  Hen, above the rest,

Yer ne’er rude or mean or glaikit,

So tak a glass n peaceful make it.

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