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Without thinking I suggested that He and I went for a drink at the Nether Abbey on his way back from work. The glass of red Venta del Puerto No.12 was in my hand before I remembered that I was trying to stay off the stuff till 24th March. Oh well, I did 15 days which is a good re-set time and has helped me with weight loss and control (sort of) of my alcohol consumption.

However I can reveal that I am my own worst dieting enemy when I have had more than 2 glasses of wine. I had 2 glasses in pub – the goalposts having shifted once some friends – A+A -appeared. During 3rd (and last)glass of wine at home, after having had supper, He and I tore into a bowl containing a mix of M+S chocolate covered peanuts and raisins. I’m sure I only ate 1 to his every 5 but the sugar hit was too much and I promptly fell asleep, missing the last 10 minutes of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

Determined to undo the wrongs of my indulgent splurge I took Jack for a power walk this morning, spent 2 1/2hrs in the garden, and dusted, vacuumed and washed floors. Having resolved not to get into the car today, and having broken in my new trainers with my exertions around the house, I located my old green rucksack and headed for the High Street. It was about 3pm and the air was warm and still.

It has been a beautiful day.

Barry from Eyemouth Fish in Why Not ? was, as ever, delighted to see me and we exchanged nonsense banter for a few moments. He revealed that the fish I was buying – a member of the sole family but whose name I forget – was ‘hitherto unheard of’ until climate change encouraged the fish to migrate North. We chuckled about his archaic use of language and shared a few giggles about the usage and abusage of inappropriate language. I was about to head home, rucksack bulging with fruit, veg and fish when I saw the Finer Nails stand. My nails have been neglected recently and so I enquired if she was available for a mini manicure. She was.

Turns out she’s a neighbour and so we chatted amiably about dogs, the neighbourhood, North Berwick, children, dogs again and North Berwick again, revealing just enough information about our lives to warrant another blether at a later date.

Revelations – a poem

Gonnae no tell ma secrets cos am telling yous

that our friendship is something you’re gonna lose.

You said you wouldnae, you promised me that –

come back here noo and let’s hae a chat.

A thocht we were pals I’ve kent ye sae lang

so come back here mate, wits gone wrang?

Dinnae trust yon wan, she’s a’ways in strife,

come oan hae a laugh, we’ve got a good life.

Best pals we’ve bin fur many a year,

c’mere, tak a drink, that’s better – cheers.

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