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Retail Therapy

I’m happy to admit that I can set myself a few rules goals and targets that only sometimes make me happy and sometimes hinder my social interaction.

In a desperate bid to save money this year I have tried really hard to stay away from the shops and have more or less succeeded. I have bought work trousers and jumper and a cute pair of blue suede boots but other than that I really have been successful in my attempts. To this end I haven’t been up to Edinburgh for mooch for ages and so was looking forward to my trip today. My aim: to buy a pair of trainers that would be suitable for both power walking and running. I did a bit of research into running shops and decided to try Run and Become in Edinburgh’s West End.

I have a tendency to make rash decisions when it comes to buying clothes but I was determined today to take my time until I was truly happy with my choice, and if that meant leaving empty handed, I was prepared for that too.

So why did I find myself in Zara with a pair of skinny jeans in my hand looking for a top to match?

Fortunately I realised I was about to spend £70 to unnecessarily replicate my existing wardrobe, so proudly put the items back and headed for my true destination. I did make one very brief stop into PC World however for a car charger for my phone. Last night, getting so close to having no battery, on the M8 at midnight on my own was a wee note to self that I gladly acted upon.

I cannot thank the sales staff in Run and Become enough – especially the one who spent 35 minutes with my while I tried on 7 different pairs of shoes. I gave not a jot about colour or brand name – she knew what she was looking for having assessed the way I walk and run and we whittled it down to two pairs. The New Balance pair were gorgeous – soft pinks and blues, but the Mizuno were the ultimate prize. Not nearly as pretty – black and green, but with 30% off a better deal!

I then had a lovely catch up with G over a perfect Americano in Le Petit Folie, before mooching around William St. G was intent on getting handbag, I was happy to watch. I would have come close to buying a navy blue cashmere mix poncho in Sam Brown, other than that it was offered to G first and she decided to forego her mistrust of navy, as it was the perfect accompaniment to her new jeans.

G is still on the hunt for a handbag and I will be trying out my shoes tomorrow.

Retail Therapy isn’t just about buying ‘stuff’ to fill our lives with, it is interaction, socialisation, communication, and satisfaction. For me today that meant coming home with what was on my actual list not that never ending wish list that lives in the fantasy recesses of my brain.

Retail Therapy – a poem

Try before you buy.

Buy anyway.


Make a list.

Dismiss list and help yourself.

That looks great on you.

You deserve it.

Credit yourself silly.

Cry after you buy.

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