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How do we ever truly know if we are ready for a new challenge in our lives?  Of course, we can set goals, engage in consultation and deliberation, draw up lists of pros and cons, analyse the evidence and still get it wrong.

Life has a habit of creeping up and taunting our strategic planning, unsettling what we thought would be an easy ride and sending thoughts and emotions hurly burly around our hearts and heads.

I am reading Prof Steve Peters’ The Chimp Paradox and am slowly getting control of Chimp. Perhaps the reason this is working for me is that I am ready to embark on this particular journey at this particular time in my life. I came across it through a blog by Lenabellina who attended the SCEL Spring conference at which Amanda McMillan, CEO of Glasgow airport made reference to her innner chimps. I was intrigued enough to buy the book for myself and am only frustrated that I am not giving myself enough time to read it.

Even as I write that sentence I realise that the only person stopping me from reading it is me. Of course, I do have a full time job which often extends into the evening. I have a dog that I love to walk and a sky that deserves to be photographed. I have friends I Face Time while we sip our respective aperitifs from either end of the country and my list can go on, but ultimately what I need to do is switch off – from Facebook, Twitter, TV and Netflix and get into bed half an hour early and read the book.

Having achieved my blog goal this evening of writing a minimum of 150 words, I am about to switch off and read. There are like to be some big events in my life this year and I need to be ready. I need to be in control of Chimp.

Readiness –  a poem

The ground is prepared, the seeds are sown,

the birds sing early in the light of dawn.

You hold my hand and lead the way,

our time is fleeting, maybe one day.

I’m ready to release you yet hold you near,

And carry your love with me year after year.

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