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I love listening to music on the radio. Mostly Radio 2 it has to be said, but I do like a bit of Planet Rock of a Sunday morning. And if I’m driving in the evening, Jo Whiley on Radio 2 or Alice Cooper on Planet Rock. For Saturday afternoons at home, cooking, cleaning, relaxing, Gilles Peterson on BBC 6 Music just can’t be beaten for true chill out tunes.

Alice Cooper shares many an excellent rock -star story, plays awesome tunes and sounds like such a nice man.He recognises how lucky he is to have escaped relatively unscathed through the tumultuous drug and alcohol fuelled years, and pays homage to those for whom excesses were inescapable.

There is something about hearing a favourite tune on the radio, no matter how many times you’ve heard it before.

This evening was the turn of Abba’s Dancing Queen – again- and poor Jack just had to wait while I bopped around the kitchen, intent as I was on a little dance to myself. There will always be songs that automatically turn my head, and heart, towards a family member or friend.

For L it has to be Kings of Leon’s Fans. In fact, probably any Kings of Leon song. She bought us tickets to see them at the Metro in Newcastle a few years ago and then 2 years later, L, T, J and I returned to Newcastle to see them at the arena. Not such a pleasant experience, although the concert was excellent, because J got covered in pee, such is the revolting nature of some ‘fans’ who fill an empty pint glass with their own pee before lobbing it through the crowd.

Guns n Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine always leads me to turn the volume up and think of T. She was a huge fan in her teens and would regale us with an imitation of Axl Rose dancing and singing.

L and T have eclectic tastes in music these days and there are numerous songs and I’m happy to say many bands that I introduced them to that tug at my heart strings when played on the radio.

For J it is Adele and Rolling in the Deep. On one of her visits North, we were driving back from Gullane to North Berwick, having stopped for a very small glass of wine at the Old Clubhouse when this song came on through her iPod. The sun was shining, the roof of her convertible Audi A4 was down and we blasted that tune out.

It’s just so good for the heart and soul. I really hope I get to join one of Natalie Garry’s Sing Fit sessions before too long.

In the meantime,  do as I will continue to do and turn up your favourite song, dance yourself dizzy and laugh. You don’t need anything else.

Radio –  a poem

FM, AM and D.A.B

Radios 1,2, 4 and 3.

Rock channels, soul stations, Classic FM,

there’s something here for everyone.

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