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I wonder how many newly engaged couples are still celebrating today after yesterday’s once -every-four-years female to male proposal opportunity. I hope there are more happy hearts than broken hearts.

On Simon Mayo’s 3Word Monday one text read ‘Jack said no’ while another read ‘Liam said yes’. There was a feature on The One Show about women who had proposed to their husbands, and how they felt about the day drawing closer, the nerves and trepidation, and the happy realisation that their loved ones had accepted.

At Callanetics tonight the chat turned to wedding dresses and there were many varying views on how some brides-to-be sound months researching and hunting down ‘the perfect dress’ only to find that it will never be worn again, unless it becomes a family tradition. It was  reported that one member of the class would put her dress on every now and again to do the vacuuming, just to get some wear out of it, and I would imagine to remind herself of the special day when she and her husband married.

In this busy modern life, awash with social media, frenetic emailing and texting it is lovely to think that so much thought and effort still goes into a marriage proposal. It is a life changing moment so best get it right.

A colleague I know hired a room at Edinburgh Castle in order to set the scene for his marriage proposal – how romantic, how special.

There are countless Youtube videos of proposals and smulchy as they are, I bet you’d be struggling not to smile and I hope that the rest of their lives were as special as the proposal.

Marriage is not easy, it takes time, patience and determination – long after the proposal and honeymoon is over, so having that special moment to remember can only be a good thing.

Proposals – a poem

You’ve set the scene, your friends all know

it’s now or never, but they don’t know

just how much you’ve wanted this –

a moment’s heartbeat, a loving kiss,

saving, planning, getting it right,

whatever it costs, one goal’s in sight:

to have your loved one by your side:

traditional man and his blushing bride,

or two loving women making their vows

or two men in love making their vows.

No colour or creed, or sexuality

can undermine how spectacularly

the mood is set for a life together

a treasured moment to last forever.

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