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Preparing to Move On

I wonder what it is that makes us decide that it is time for a change? Do chance and circumstance play a part, or is there an inherent need to move on/reinvent, make a stand some place else? A bit of everything methinks.

I haven’t stayed in any one teaching post for more than 6 years, either because of fixed-term contracts, spousal up-rooting or promotion and it does make me wonder sometimes if I’ve missed out on that camaraderie and, hopefully, sense of growth and development that comes with staying in one place?

It can be difficult being the new face on the block, although in teaching circles there is bound to be someone who knows someone who knows you before you know them. It also gets a little lonelier the further up the promotional ladder one goes and so resilience, planning and networking are essential elements to establishing oneself in a new environment.

The same applies at home too. I have loved my home now for 11 years but increasingly I have found myself looking for a change. Seeking out a new opportunity to establish myself, my personal touch on a different property and put into practice the positive experiences that this home has taught me but to approach a new home in a different way, with a more experienced eye and a certainty of how I want to live the next few years.


This image might only ever be a dream destination – thank you T – but I hope that I take courage from what I have learned from myself, others, TV shows and magazines and create another home with that same initial Wow factor that I felt when I bought this and then again subsequently when I made significant changes.

I plan to channel this same energy into my developing role in education too and trust that, with appropriate building blocks in place I will achieve my goals, and the goals for whom I share responsibility.

Preparing to Move on – a poem

Its time to move on and leave behind

the one constant of the last decade,

my beautiful home.

Tinged with sadness and looking around,

I covet memories  of those who have shared time within  these walls –

and departed to foreign lands, distant cities, returning to the earth.

It’s time for laughter and children and joy

to breathe new life and make sweet memories,

and for me to create a new beginning.

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