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Pouting Pooch

Since our return from Venice and Jack’s subsequent return from kennels I have noticed a distinct change in attitude, especially on walks and in the evening.

Jack has always had a tendency to pull while on the lead and over the years this has improved. But he is incredibly strong and can still take us by surprise if he catches sight of a rabbit in the undergrowth, or a fellow canine being walked ahead of him or coming towards us.

I know his dog walker has been focussing on encouraging good walking while on the lead and looking for better behaviour off the lead. It has been a slow process and most times now he is responsive but needs constant reminding. So overall there is an improvement.

However the biggest change I have noticed is his behaviour in the evenings. He and I are happy to have Jack sit on the sofa between us if we settle to watch TV, or chat by the fire. Jack knows he has to wait to be asked and is very canny now. He will wait on his bed in the kitchen until he senses we are really settled. The door will be nudged open and in he will trot, walking towards the window, away from us, and flopping down like a sulky teenager on the rug. He will then peek up over the edge of the coffee table, urging us to spot him, flop down again, breathe out deeply, lie with his nose resting on his front paws in what looks like a very uncomfortable Yoga position. This will carry on until either we invite him up onto the sofa or he skulks to the door asking to be let out so that he can indulge in more puerile behaviour on his bed: chewing a bone or licking a soft toy.

9 times out of 10 we invite Jack up onto the sofa, but only when he thinks we have given up. As soon as he is in his favourite spot between us he falls fast asleep and indulges in active dreams chasing rabbits, cats and dogs, whimpering and snuffling, legs twitching.

Jack is looking at me now, and has spied the spare place on the sofa as He is working late tonight. He is up and I can guarantee he will be snoring within minutes.

Pouting Pooch – a poem

Black and sleek, pads on all fours,

sneaking a peek and opening doors.

Snuggling in for familiar cuddles

dreaming of cats and jumping puddles.

Safe and warm part of the pack,

Comfortable, happy, snoring Jack.

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