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Why is it that domestic chores usually squeezed in mid-week and not without a certain amount of stress, turn into positive opportunities to indulge in pottering during the holidays?

During the week and term time the clock is always ticking to get the shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing done, and even then there still never seems to be enough time in the day for social and actual networking.

During the school holidays however I find I become quite productive and creative.

Having awoken at 0730 after a great nights sleep under my own roof, I have quietly ticked off a whole number of things to do that I barely gave a second thought to.

However, when He asked me yesterday evening what I wanted to do today, when we were within sniffing distance of North Berwick, I was so tired and admittedly quite grumpy that I retorted that I didn’t want to think about it as the list in my head was already becoming unmanageable.

There is a comfort, of course, about being in one’s own environment and so ‘feeling at home’ that takes away the pressure and drive to fulfil the inevitable list of tasks to be completed by sundown.

I managed to wash and dry 3 loads of washing – hoorah for East Lothian winds, make a huge batch of granola and soup and then plan and shop for the weekly menu.

I do have a thing about leaving a clean and tidy home when going away on holiday, and as I was charging around like a women possessed last Friday, doubting why I was spending so much time cleaning before I had even packed, yesterday walking in to find everything fresh was comforting and liberating.

He is working tomorrow and I have a planned list of pottering to do – this time it involves de-cluttering, deep cleaning and general tidying. So I have decided that with all that I should do, a little and often is a good motto for this holiday. I do have a couple of awesome lunches planned – really looking forward to returning to Dollar for the first time in 10 years to see N, and spending quality time with good friends closer to home.

Who knows I might even find time to develop a website idea I have.

Pottering – a poem

revel in desire to make a house a home

not that there’s a need to, but with a sense of pride

living with a family or living quite alone

what becomes reflected are feelings from inside

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