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Plant Life

I am itching to get back into the garden having given it a good clear out on Sunday. The pots at the back door were waterlogged, the plants bedraggled and beech leaves had accumulated behind anything that hadn’t moved over the Winter.

My intention had been to replace the plants that hadn’t survived with bulbs that I found in the garage. I must have had a sensible moment last year and put some bulbs into the cool and dry in an attempt to save some money. Wish I had found them before returning from The Red House Nursery with Iris and Narcissi recently!

However by the time I had removed all the pots off the patio area and put them onto the garden for re-potting, I rather liked the space that was left.

Furthermore I then noticed that the garden itself was looking pretty scruffy. The French lavender was falling over itself and away from its tethering against the garage wall and the ancient lavender that had become woody and straggly was begging for a decent pruning.

Having achieved success with the lavenders, my eyes were drawn to the beech leaves huddling between the wide trunk and the boundary wall. Treating the raking up of leaves as an excuse to have some additional exercise, I engaged my core, ensured that my back was in a protected position and set about raking and scarifying. Satisfied that the lawn was looking perkier and slightly more groomed, I rearranged the pots on the garden decking and around the edges of the happy lavender.

Where once was clutter by the back door, now are two deckchairs facing each other and room to move.

I’ve just watched Monty Don’s Big Dreams Small Spaces and am slightly overwhelmed with the urge to knock down, rebuild, create and define. However I know that come the weekend it will be enough to continue tidying up the small plot we have so that I can reap the rewards of my labours as soon as the weather improves.

I will, however, turn my attention to finding an unused upturned pot to rest a well deserved glass of wine on, when the time comes.

Plant Life – a poem

hibernation provides conservation

rejuvenation before cultivation

regeneration after saturation

maturation defines re-creation

celebration quiet contemplation

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