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Penguins, Puffins and Gannets.

Spring heralds the return of many a favourite seabird to our shoreline and nearby islands.

The Bass Rock has been often been cited as an island of significant importance based on the number of seabirds that nest there every year. in particular, gannets and puffins.

This afternoon as I was walking into town to buy specific items that will boost my vain desire to keep my teeth white and my skin soft, I caught sight of the Bass Rock and noticed that where it was green just a few weeks ago it is becoming increasingly whiter as the Gannets arrive.

I waved to a friend who was sitting comfortably in her grey over-sized armchair, in her first floor living room window as the afternoon sun shone directly on her face. She signalled for me to go in and said she would join me. We chatted amiably as we sauntered  into town, not only to procure the goods on my list but to offer one of the many charity shops an opportunity to accept the results of her ‘de-cluttter’.

We then decided to take the long way home, via the beach which was packed with day-trippers, locals and visitors. I still get a thrill when walking on the beach, even after 10 years of living here, and love that so many others enjoy it to. We came back to my house for a cup of tea and so that A could re-acquaint herself with Jack. She and her partner would love to have a dog but have too many work commitments to make it possible. Once we’d finished our tea it was time to take Jack out for his afternoon stroll. A is very keen to walk Jack, and so I offered the best advice I can about walking him, as his behaviour in the house is in stark contrast to his behaviour on and off the lead at times. But he has come on so well with his dog walker and we are reaping the benefits of this intervention.

I will continue to enjoy the arrival of the seabirds to our shoreline and marvel at the ability of these birds to adapt and adjust to their dwelling place for the Summer. Many seabirds form reliable and trustworthy relationships with each other, and share the island habitats with ease.

Penguins, Puffins and Gannets – a poem

swoop and incline,

land and define

your rock is sublime

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