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One Person’s Waste….

Another person’s treasure.

I do like a good trawl through charity shops, sale rails, antique and junk shops. As  child I used to love getting ready to go to the local village jumble sale – desperate to find something new, different, something that I had chosen and paid for with my own pocket money – a book, a jigsaw, a game, a handbag.

I also like a good clear out and in my previous life was known s Ruthless Russell for my ability to make swift decision about re-cycling and throwing things away.

I helped a friend de-clutter her wardrobe when her daughters were about 10yrs and 12 yrs old. I put everything into colour blocks and made her throw away the maternity clothes that she had no intention of ever wearing again, but which had used up precious space in her wardrobe

Recently I have been the hunt for a chunky ring to wear at weekends and parties. I found the perfect one in Venice and made the decision to return to the shop after an overnight ‘sleeping on it’ only to find the shop shut. We were leaving early the next morning. The four of us kept an eye open all that day, glancing in shop windows to see if there was anything the same or similar, but to no avail.

The ring had a round tortoiseshell-effect acrylic disc and set in silver. I just know had I tried it on it would have been perfect. We researched the jeweller’s name, Pagani, but could not find anything that came close. (I have not put  link here because I cannot be sure that any of the sites with Pagani reflect the jewellery on display n Venice).

When I was in Why Not? on North Berwick High St for coffee yesterday afternoon I noticed that one of the stalls, which was closed, had a small selection of chunky rings. After MRT this morning, He decided to go to the pub to watch the rugby and I decided to pop downtown to have a look at the rings. I found it – the perfect ring. It is almost exactly the same as the one I found in Venice, and could even be the same make, but the colour is ochre and turquoise, and reminds me of the lochs and hills and coastlines of Scotland. It will always remind me of Venice too. It is perfect. It is second hand, it is someone’s  waste, it is my treasure.

One Man’s Waste – a poem

We throw away continuously

the things that no longer please

where once was longing and desire

what remains is left to tease.

And so it is passed from hand to hand

sometimes to others, or into the land.

Think long and hard before you buy,

look out for what might catch your eye:

it might not be a brand new thing –

but buy it if it makes your heart sing.

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