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Old Friend New Places

G and I had arranged to meet to see Guys n Dolls at Edinburgh Playhouse tonight. We both admitted that we knew very little of the story line, but were nonetheless keen to go.

We hadn’t booked anywhere to eat and found a charming new restaurant on Broughton St called Eden’s Kitchen.

Their premise is to serve only organic food – as far as possible and currently have a varied menu where 90% of the food is organic. They source their meat to ensure it is free from pesticides and antibiotics and from farms that have looked after the animals.

G and I both had pizza: G chose fungi and I had butternut squash. Utterly delicious. They have a BYOB policy but when G mentioned  that she was popping out to get wine from next door she was given a 10% discount

I managed to eat reasonably mindfully – aware that we were soon running out of time,  and didn’t feel the need to rush to finish my pizza.

It isn’t easy all this mindfulness but it is beginning to resonate in my sub-conscious.

When I attended Maggie’s for counselling before and after Emma died I was referred to the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn. I watched a short section of one of his talks today and believe that for me at the moment, it might help to instill some quiet into the busy-ness of my mind.

I enjoyed Guys n Dolls but it is not the most uplifting of musicals and though it was very slick and professional there was a certain something lacking.

It’s been an entertaining week so far and Friday tomorrow.

Old Friends – New Places

Eden, Edenburgh

Organic food recycled

Playhouse musical

comfortable companion

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