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It never ceases to amaze me how the brain works (Chimp, Human, Computer) and in particular how I am learning to respond to challenges. I hear myself speaking rationally, reflectively and calmly. Inside I can be a seething mass of turmoil but it is only through a slight tenseness in my body language, a flushing of the cheeks and perhaps a few vocal grumbles that I will show this publicly.

Those who know me well recognise the signs and can be a source of comfort by offering a well placed hand of comfort, a gentle voice or an unexpected gesture of connection and solace.

I don’t mind admitting that the last few weeks have been somewhat stressful but I do try each and every day to find one small glimmer of delight. It can come from the way the sun splits the clouds in the early morning, or the waves crash on the shore. It can come form the curious wet nose of Jack, faithful companion or a text or message from loved ones – L, T and J.

My sense of joy can be stimulated by a child’s smile or their squeal of delight as they explore their new surroundings. Watching Meadowpark slowly unfurl its dusty wings to become the provision so many of us had envisioned has been a humbling experience. To be involved at this stage, working with the team of electricians, sign-makers, joiners, architects has been an insightful, interesting, at times frustrating process, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. We are so nearly there and I am immensely proud to be at the helm.

I intend to make this provision not only good or very good but excellent.

At MRT this morning the smile on my face was of genuine joy working with a young girl who I am not ashamed to say has stolen my heart. As her small body battles with Rett Syndrome I know that her smiles and giggles are so precious and put any anxieties I have had far into the realms of insignificance.

Mum was in need of some TLC and practical assistance today, recovering as she is from an operation to remove a cancerous tumour. The results are very positive but she is still very weak. Show me a floor that needs vacuuming and a sink that needs washing and I’m happy. I made the most of the train journey by reading The Chimp Paradox (Prof Steve Peters) I could say I have finished reading it but I rather suspect this will be a well thumbed reference book. I have completed most of the exercises, but there are some that demand more considered time.

Tomorrow I join the pink army and run 10k at Race for Life to raise funds for Cancer Research.

Nice Stuff – a poem

Look for a ray of light in the early morning mist

seek out the joy in a rain drenched wood

Catch the wind as you go down to the river

Make my heart fly and happy we’ll become

Its good to be alive

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