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New Friends – Shared Memories

I totally get that social media isn’t for everyone – and sometimes it isn’t for me, but in this time of change and innovation I try my best to embrace the best parts, hope I won’t be infected or affected by the worse bits, and maybe that something positive will come of the the best parts of interacting in this universal and interconnected way.

So right now I am listing to George Ezra Wanted on Voyage via You Tube, while conveying my daily happenings. All of this through my laptop, no other hardware needed, save a wifi connection.

He is checking sports scores – mostly football, it has to be said, but still a part of the whole social media machine that assaults our senses on a daily basis.

This evening we had the delightful company of A+A. A(male) played golf with Him earlier and A(female) popped round for a wee aperitif (vodka / tonic and raspberries) and good chat.

The boys arrived back, flushed with a sense of being outdoors for 3hours on a typically blowy East Lothian day on West Links.

I slow-cooked Moroccan Lamb (courtesy of Anderson’s Butchers), made Moroccan style couscous with roasted peppers and onions, olives and plenty spice. I opted for salmon on this occasion, anxious not to frighten my digestive system with too much red meat in 7 days.

Starter was home baked bread with home made humous, guacamole, and olives (sadly not home grown). Delicious, it has to be said.

Pudding was Panne-Cotta – courtesy of Lakeland. I’m not a big pudding eater so struggle to get creative and proactive about pudding – any help is welcome. At the very least I had to heat the product up and let it cool. Too creamy for me though. Give me plain Alpro yoghurt and (my) home -made granola any-day.

After supper we happily indulged our musical interests and played the ‘Intros Round’ – ably presented by Him. To be fair He and I play this quite a lot, and not withstanding my inherent love of music I usually and often ‘win’, as I did tonight. BUT the point is that tonight I had a worthy and competitive opponent in A. She is the Winter Fire sign (Sagittarius) to my Spring Fire (Aries). Much fun with new friends, many shared moments from our upbringings and already some new memories to take us forward.

Enjoy the company of family and friends, new and old, for that is where good memories lie.

Tonight we were introduced to this delight: Empire State of Mind – Glasgow. Love to ‘learn’.

New Friends – Shared Memories – a poem

I did not know you then yet I recognise you now;

we have been a part of recent decades

and share music, politics, sense and nonsense.

Perhaps we will share the accolades

of time spent together

or else it will slip and sift away

as so many things do today.

I hope not.

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