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New Discoveries in Familiar Places

Some girlfriends and I are ‘doing lunch’ tomorrow. We rarely have the opportunity for a good catch up and so that is exactly what we plan to do. We are all so busy that to plan time together is a necessity and ensures that, in spite of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram updates, we have the opportunity to interface, relax, share opinions that are not hidden behind the non-emotive texts, emails and social media posts.

In light of this and the fact that T is coming home tomorrow evening with a friend,  I changed my Callanetics class ( to one this morning in Haddington. I found Trinity Centre in a charming corner of Haddington near the Peter Potter Gallery and Cafe, parked up and wandered in. The hall is airy and light and was very warm which was welcome this morning after a rather dismal, chilly and dreich start.

I worked hard at the class. I needed to after my indulgences last week and 10k run yesterday. It was, however a bit of a shock to see the full length mirror which ran the entire length of the hall. Time to work on that belly! In terms of exercise routines, I definitely need to have a mix of a structured class and the freedom to do my own thing. I wonder now if that is one of the reasons the  gym system failed for me, because even as Lucy admitted it is very difficult to get motivated at home, alone, with no-one checking up!

After the class I wondered down towards the Tyne and was completely amazed at how pretty the Nungate Bridge, St Mary’s Church and the view over to the Waterside Inn is. Crazy to think I have lived in East Lothian for more than 10 years and yet never ventured to that part of Haddington before.

I will certainly rectify my ignorance and make a concerted effort to explore East Lothian with fresh eyes, attend the farmer’s market, visit Tantallon and Dirleton Castles and have a wander round the streets of some of our pretty coastal and rural towns and villages.

New Discoveries in Familiar Places –  a poem

When you came to take my hand, I pulled away.

I wanted to put you back where I found you.

I want to re-build my wall,

so that they can hurt me no more.

Behind the wall I feel safe, numb, comfortable –


You can’t shield me from that and

that wall is so high.

I took your hand and you led the way.

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